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A right batch MDXi

MDXi – Internal 2 & 3D batch inspection with novel 3D X-ray system
MDXi, from 3DX-Ray, is a flexible batch inspection system that offers not only conventional 2D x-ray imaging capabilities but also a patented 3D X-ray system that can check internal components and alignments to an accuracy of around 100 microns. It can be used both off-line and in-line.

It can even build, measure and display a full 3D image of an internal structure in the same way as a CAT scan but at a fraction of the cost. To achieve this it uses the company’s patented dual detector array technology. Images can be displayed on a conventional polarizing PC screen and viewed with polarising glasses to see the 3D structure. It can check a product automatically against pre-determined designs and tolerances.

With a footprint of just 1.4m x 1.0m, the MDXi has a truly compact size which allows it to be fixed or wheeled around a production line, R&D or QC facility. The system is sensitive enough to detect and measure delicate plastic components inside a plastic or metal casing, yet powerful enough to see through 20cm of solid steel.

Designed for general purpose inspection, the MDXi system can be also used for applications ranging from the non-destructive testing of complex assemblies to laboratory trials.

The system is available with a wide range of dedicated software modules including 2 / 3D imaging, image analysis, fault detection, 3D measurement and QC. It can be run as stand alone or be linked to an external QC or SPC system.

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