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A shopping trolley fit for a Queen

A special edition Wanzl shopping trolley was an eye-catching addition to street festivities across Britain earlier this year, as the UK celebrated a summer of sporting excellence and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The limited production trolley was especially powder-coated in the Union Jack colours of red, white and blue by Wanzl, the largest single supplier of retail equipment in the UK. The unique shopping accessory was used by the company to demonstrate the possibilities of colour in a market where bright electro-plating is the most popular choice of finish, as well as adding a bit of cheer to the UK’s summer parties.

During the summer, festivities were held in towns and cities across the United Kingdom, providing an ideal opportunity for the Jubilee trolley to make its high street debut to the public. Brimming with celebration foods and beverages, the trolley was a great hit at a number of street parties near Warwick, the headquarters of Wanzl in the UK.

Dean Rolland, MD at Wanzl UK Group, said: "As the largest supplier of shopping trolleys in Britain, we felt the most fitting way to support Britain’s year on the world stage was to powder-coat one of our trolleys in the iconic Union Jack colours. Whilst being welcomed to a number of street parties across the country during the summer months, the trolley also highlighted Wanzl’s ability to offer imaginative alternatives which stimulate customer engagement in traditional UK retail environments."

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