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ABEG eXtreme series bearings always on the ball

For roller bearing applications with special requirements under extreme operating conditions there are now products available which have not existed with these characteristics until now: high-performance, durable, at the same time economical and available at short notice. These products in the ABEG eXtreme series can be obtained from now on from Findling Waelzlager GmbH, Karlsruhe.

High loads or speeds, stable temperatures or special purity criteria – in certain fields of application roller bearings have to overcome extreme operating conditions. If the longest possible service life is required at the same time, the search for the right products usually ends up with expensive premium or special bearings which are difficult to obtain. By maintaining the high level of performance and fulfilling the minimum service life requirements of premium products, Findling has also taken into account the aspects of procurement costs and delivery periods whilst developing its ABEG eXtreme series. As a result, the company has succeeded in creating a completely advantageous solution for specific areas of application with special requirements, which entirely meets the needs and specifications of the application concerned.

The "Fantastic Four" for every discipline
This new technical solution is divided into four series: Xforce, Xspeed, Xtemp and Xclean. This covers the different requirements with regard to operating conditions: Xforce-type bearings are the solution for heavy-duty applications which require high load ratings; while developing the Xspeed series, on the other hand, the main focus was on extremely high rpm for high-speed applications. The Xtemp series is designed for stable temperatures under extremely hot or cold conditions whereas the Xclean series features robust bearing technology for wash-down applications as well as special designs for clean-room applications.

All series have one thing in common: above-average service life of the products for operation under extreme conditions. Furthermore, increased energy efficiency, good sealing properties and improved corrosion protection were taken into account during the development phase of each series. Since the ABEG method basically stands for technologically and economically optimal solutions, these products are far more cost-effective than the corresponding premium or special bearings. Proven bearing technology combined with optimization: The service life of products was significantly extended by modifying the specific service-life equipment components: lubrication and seals. Different types of sealing solutions with special lubrication from the ABEG portfolio were tested on Findling’s roller ball test stand, thus allowing determination of particularly efficient combinations for the ABEG eXtreme series and/or the relevant field of application. Evaluation of the service life and comparative tests of selected types performed on the power test stand showed that the service life of the new bearings for heavy-duty applications was at least three times higher than those in the premium reference class.

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