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ABM Greiffenberger with efficient drive technology at the LogiMAT 2015

At the LogiMAT (Stuttgart, 10th to 12th February 2015) in hall 1, booth
1A31, ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH presents an excerpt of the
company’s extensive portfolio from the areas storage techniques, forklift
trucks and e-mobility. Among other things, a new controller for the
storage sector will be on display. It is versatile and enhances the
processes in the container conveyor technology.

26.11.2014 – For the time being, the new controller has been designed for
a motor power of 0.75 kW and works without any problem at temperatures
from -30° up to +50°C. The sensorless control has been perfectly adjusted
to the ABM Sinochron motors. Pluggable connections can easily be reached
from outside and several drives can be operated from one power supply.
Users adjust the necessary parameters by means of Near Field Communication
(NFC) via PC or Smartphone-App. The service-friendly controller has been
designed for the direct assembly to the motor. Alternatively, it can be
attached to the wall, separated from the motor. Its very compact design
with aluminium die-cast housing allows an easy, quick installation. The
ABM innovation can be used in many intra-logistics applications of the
container conveyor technology in roller conveyors, belt conveyors or
curved conveyors.

Energy-efficient Sinochron Motors
In the area of storage logistics, ABM Greiffenberger shows
energy-efficient Sinochron motors as compact drive units for roller
conveyors. They work with a high process reliability at temperatures of
-30° up to +45°C and are therefore also suited for the use in deep-freeze
rooms. Sinochron motors reach highest efficiencies in the part-load
operational range and are that way lowering the energy costs. The drive
unit without gearbox provides a top plant availability. It moves mobile
loads of up to 180 kilogram and reaches conveying velocities of 0.3 up to
1.2 m/s.

Maintenance-free and easy to install angular gear units
Two-stage angular gear units of the KG-series of ABM with nominal torques
of up to 700 Nm will also be on display. They are maintenance-free and
easy to mount because of their angular design. The gearboxes are available
in two executions, full shaft and hollow shaft. They are suited for the
assembly to asynchronous or Sinochron motors. The KG-series, made of
aluminium die-cast (Al 230), has a smooth, dirt-repellent surface and
convinces with a high corrosion resistance.
The shaft-mounted helical gear units of the FGA-series of ABM have been
designed for an output of 50 to 2,300 Nm. The two-, three- and four-stage
gear units only need little space due to their compact design and offer
significant advantages for the assembly with their large shaft centre
distance. Top-quality toothing makes them low-noise and durable. Apart
from corrosion resistance, the aluminium motor and gearbox housings also
offer considerable advantages for the assembly due to their little weight.

Compact drives for electric vehicles
The Sinochron drives for auxiliary units, which ABM presents in the area
of e-mobility, are energy-efficient, durable and compact. The motors have
sensorless control, are compact and cost-efficient. Electronic
controllers, which have been optimized for the special application,
considerably reduce losses in the entire use and thus increase the energy
efficiency of the system. ABM offers travel drives like the 22 / 45 kW
motor for smaller electric vehicles as well. The maximum torque of 130 Nm
establishes the pre-condition for dynamic accelerating and high driving
pleasure. The large field weakening range of the motors allows high
climbing ability and fast driving without manual transmission. Thanks to a
high power spectrum and efficient air cooling, this drive reaches
efficiencies of up to 93%.

Bevel gear units with high torque
For the industrial sector of forklift trucks, ABM shows bevel gear units
of the series TDB 254. With their high torque transmission capacity,
quiet running and longevity, they are particularly suited for mobile
applications such as forklift trucks and commissioners. The encoder
feedback developed by ABM is also new. It is a cost-efficient alternative
to concepts with potentiometer. The encoder feedback is integrated into
the intermediate flange. The encoder itself is easily accessible from the
top in case it needs servicing. This prevents soiling as it can happen in
hitherto existing solutions with encoders next to the driving wheel. The
ABM novelty can be used flexibly with different sensors. As a system
supplier in the forklift truck sector, ABM Greiffenberger offers complete,
precisely matched and highly efficient drive systems including travel and
steering motor.

The wheel hub drive of the series TDH 280 of ABM presented in Stuttgart is
suitable for the use in cleaning machines and transport systems in damp
surroundings. It is maintenance-free, robust and designed as a complete
unity of motor, brake and gearbox. It is supplied with a battery voltage
of 36 Volt and does 1.2 kW. Its compact design allows small installation
heights and makes the installation into the vehicle easy.
For the use in counterbalanced trucks up to a load of 2.0 t, ABM has
developed the steering unit SDH as a three-stage helical gearbox with
mounted AC-motor. The battery voltage is 48 Volt, the output 0.9 kW. The
geared unit as a complete motor-gearbox-unit has been designed for high
load demands and can easily be mounted in forklift trucks. The ABM
development is a cost-optimized design and convinces with an efficiency of

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