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Access 100 years of engineering expertise with Oilgear aftermarket contracts

Access 100 years of engineering expertise with Oilgear aftermarket contracts

From the largest forging press, to the latest ‘smart’ stadium, or even the hardy plant vehicles found at your local quarry; hydraulic systems keep vast swathes of industry moving. Hydraulic fluid is the life blood of many industrial power systems, pumps and valves are to a larger extent the heart of this process. Just like our heart, a good hydraulic system will last for years if it is cared for correctly. Oilgear Service contracts take the guesswork out of hydraulic maintenance by preventing unplanned downtime and costly repairs.

Oilgear is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hydraulic packages for industrial and plant applications. Designing and manufacturing a complete range of components including pumps, valves, manifolds and power units, as well as ancillary components such as electronics, control panels and software solutions, it is able to deliver projects of any scale using its own in-house expertise. It’s this manufacturing expertise that provides it with a unique insight into hydraulic technologies and allows it to offer a unique aftermarket service.

OilgearIt’s no secret that hydraulic equipment, like all industrial components and systems, needs servicing from time to time. Often maintenance engineers wait until the scheduled shutdown period and call in their local service engineer or original installation engineer – depending on the best quote – to see what work needs to be done. While this maintenance method keeps the system ticking over, it offers very little in the way of flexibility, nor does it offer the opportunity to improve your system or regulate maintenance costs.

Oilgear’s aftermarket service offers a pro-active maintenance campaign that is scheduled to provide ongoing care, all year round. A service engineer will conduct regular site visits to monitor the condition of the complete system and recommend action to solve potential issues before they become a problem. This makes it easier to plan activity around scheduled downtime so maintenance is planned rather than reactive.

As a part of the contract, Oilgear will take responsibility for installed equipment, offer repair or replacement whenever necessary and even manage the spare stockholding off-site.

In fact, in some cases, Oilgear can use its experience as a manufacturer to provide maintenance services outside of the usual shutdown period. For example, it is able to offer substitute pumps or valves from stock to keep a system operating while the client’s equipment is taken to the workshop. This offers multiple benefits to the operator as the work is performed outside of peak season, reducing engineering costs as well as the burden of work during the traditional shutdown.

With almost 100 years of expertise, Oilgear has experience servicing almost every conceivable application in any industry around the world. Its aftermarket service extends beyond its own product and hydraulic packages, meaning that everyone can benefit from it. Where a component or system has reached the end of its useful service life, if the parts are no longer available, Oilgear is able to reverse engineer a solution which will match the original footprint – often with improved performance.

Keeping your hydraulic system healthy is essential to keeping your entire production process moving. By investing in a service contract you are able to rely on 100 years of knowledge and experience to make sure you never have to worry about a cardiac arrest.

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