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Access offers a blueprint for inventory reduction

Keeping control of inventory has probably never been harder. But using an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system that includes a detailed, comprehensive view of stock in its workings can make a significant contribution to the struggle.

The needs for Advanced Planning and Scheduling to keep control of inventory are explored in a new white paper from Access Group, titled: ‘The Blueprint for inventory reduction’.

Mike Straiton, Business Development Manager for Access Group, said: “Supply bases are changing through outsourcing, offshoring and globalisation, which makes them more vulnerable to a host of risks. Furthermore, expectations fuelled by the Internet, makes consumer and therefore business demand far more volatile and unpredictable.

“This all impacts upon inventory carrying policy, while the indirect costs of excess inventory remain. When it comes to achieving accurate, robust and timely planning and scheduling, manual methods and spreadsheets can’t keep pace and ERP systems are too course grained. Using an APS system however, will enable an organisation to drive down inventory to its minimum.”

To receive a copy of the white paper: ‘The Blueprint for inventory reduction’, please contact: Natalie.Smith@theaccessgroup.com

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