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Accidents in the workplace falling, but deaths on the rise

Following their meeting in January, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released its latest set of findings relating to ill health and injury at work. The report includes self-reported injury, ill health statistics from the Labour force Survey, reported non-fatal injury from RIDDOR as well as a number of other credible sources.

The Headlines:

1. Work related illness fell by 113,000 to 1.2 million

2. Self-reported injuries leading to absence from work for more than 3 days fell by an estimated 31,000 to 200,000.

3. Over 3 day injuries reported by employers fell by 6% in the year.

4. Fatal Injuries to workers rose from 147 cases to 171 in the year.

Janet Cox of leading health and safety consultants, Perry Scott Nash (PSN), is warning that whilst there are some encouraging signs in the report, there’s lots to be done to make workplaces in Britain safer places to be: "Clearly, no one can be proud of an escalation of deaths in the workplace, but to the untrained eye, some of the other headlines in this report could be viewed as good news and, to a point, they are, but it’s the facts below the headlines that leave cause for concern. Our major issue with the stats, and it’s no fault of the HSE, is that we believe there are a huge number of accidents that actually go unreported – some that may lead to more serious injury and others that will just mean workplace safety isn’t improved. The question then from this report is what can we do to make reporting of accidents, and the use of this data, more commonplace? Of course, engaging the services of consultancies such as ours is one such step, but it really starts with employers taking their responsibility seriously and acting on incidents and accidents – it’s never too late to bring your health and safety policy up to date".

To view the full report go to:

Click to access pjanb1206.pdf

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