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ACM cures waste management headache for the Dewhirst Group

When waste management issues became a headache for the Dewhirst Group ACM Waste Management Plc was able to offer the perfect cure! ACM provided the company with a complete waste management solution, which has resulted in massive cost savings as well as improved environmental performance through recycling and reduced waste collections.

The Dewhirst Group manufactures clothing for a major high street retailer and, in doing so, generates large amounts of waste including cardboard, plastic and tissue paper, as well as the more general waste from the canteen and offices.

Mike Peck from Dewhirst comments: “The volume of waste cardboard, plastic, and tissue paper, awaiting removal from our premises was beginning to affect the efficiency of our operation. We needed to do something to get the situation under control, and also eliminate the time and resource that was being spent in trying to manage the problem.”

“We needed a company that could handle all our waste management requirements as it was becoming very time consuming dealing with a number of different suppliers for different elements of our waste management function.”

The Dewhirst Group initially contacted four different companies, including its existing collection company and ACM, but ACM was the only one that was able to deliver a total waste management solution – supplying a static compactor and twin chamber baler as well as organising all its waste and recycling collections.

Mike adds: “ACM was the only company that was able to offer us a total 'one-stop-shop' waste management solution. They manage all our waste requirements, including organising the recycling of card, plastic and tissue paper. The recycling process generates financial rebates that are credited to our business account, thereby reducing the overall costs of waste removal.

“Our waste collections have also been reduced significantly. Daily collections for card are now down to once a week and for plastic, as little as once every three weeks. ACM has also helped us to achieve a massive saving on our waste management bill.”

ACM offers a unique Complete Care Programme, a holistic and integrated one-stop waste management and recycling solution, designed to meet the precise needs of every customer and this has proved to be the ideal solution for the Dewhirst Group.

ACM sales consultant, Alan Amor, said:” The service we provide for the Dewhirst Group is a perfect example of our Complete Care Programme where we provide a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of our customer as well as managing all their requirements.”

Mike Peck concludes: “We have had the ACM equipment for just over 12 months and it has totally solved all our waste management problems – in fact now waste isn't a problem at all!

“ACM has delivered 100% on all its promises. I now have the total peace of mind that comes from dealing with an efficient and professional company.”

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