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Acoustic Leak Monitoring Online System transmits leak data to your desktop

The PermaNet system transmits leak data collected from Permalog+ loggers directly to an office computer wirelessly via network radio or SMS repeater. The effectiveness of Permalog® technology has been proven all around the world – from Las Vegas to Beijing – and in some of the harshest conditions on earth. Easily installed on pipe fittings, the loggers listen for the noise made by water leaking from pipes and, when a potential leak is detected, they enter an alarm state and transmit a radio signal to indicate a "LEAK" condition.

Loggers can be quickly deployed and used repeatedly with no disruption to the surrounding area or to the water supply, and the precise location of each logger can be recorded onto detailed GPS mapping software as it is put into the ground. Each is immersion-tested to IP68, enabling continuous operation even in flooded chambers. They are powered by low cost, replaceable batteries and are tough enough to ensure that long-term low leakage levels can be achieved and held easily, with minimum maintenance.

PermaNet can be configured to send an automatic alert whenever one of the loggers reports a potential leak, meaning leakage teams’ speed of response and accuracy of deployment can be maximised. This increased efficiency means that both new and existing leaks can be targeted more quickly; saving more water, and reducing the risk to surrounding infrastructure. A complete network of devices creates a powerful system to supply up-to-date flow data and effective water management. Leak sizes can be determined by matching daily leak alarms with flow data, and problem zones can be brought quickly and effectively under control.

A new development called ALMOS (Acoustic Leak Monitoring Online System) now uses this data, in conjunction with popular online mapping technology, to provide a live, on-screen tracking application for deployed Permalog loggers from any internet-connected PC, without any specialist software. The location and leak status of each logger is displayed directly and accurately on a map of the area, with further information available at the click of a button. Find out more about this and other water management equipment at www.hwm-water.com .

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