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Addgards Launch New Slimline Column Protector

The New Slimline Protector is a new addition to the Addgards Column Protection range. With an over all diameter of 390mm x 435mm the new protector is suitable for mezzanine floors and areas where space is a premium.

The Addgards Column Protector is a new way of preventing expensive column damage in warehouses and factories. Until now the only prevention to expensive forklift and structural repairs has been steel protectors fixed to the ground. Very often these steel protectors would have to be replaced once a crash occurred with high costs and labour time involved.

The Addgards Column Protector is tough, highly visible, maintenance free, cost effective and is easily installed (no tools or fixings required).

On collision the Addgards Column Protector will release air to cushion the impact between the forklift and the column. The Column Protector can withstand heavy and frequent blows. It can also be sold in half sections, minimising cost when only one section needs to be replaced.

The Addgards Column Protector is versatile, its innovative shape will fit column sizes from 4″ to 12″ (10cm to 30cm) it will also fit rectangular columns with Addgards adaptable straps.

The Slimline Column Protector starts at only £139.00 per unit with discounts for volume orders.

Addgards have been producing safety products for over 15 years with award winning products such as The Handigard, The Minder and The Elevator Gard. Addgards were awarded the BMHF 'Best Safety Product Award' for The Column Protector at the 2006 BMHF Conference in Coventry. For more information visit www.addgards.com or call UK free phone 0800 973 165

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