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Adding Value To Your Home With DIY Upgrades, SawsUK explains

Adding Value To Your Home With DIY Upgrades

Your home should be somewhere you love to be. However, over time daily life and wear and tear can lead to your home feeling a little less special. Whether you want to spruce up your home for yourself or to add value for a potential sale, you don’t need to pay for the experts for home renovations. Here are some great home DIY options for you to explore in this article!

Decluttering your home

While this might not seem like a DIY task, any great project should begin with a blank canvas. When looking at how to add value to your home, this means that you should deep clean your space and declutter your home. Simply removing old clutter and cleaning thoroughly can create a better impression and add value – this is because potential buyers will be able to see themselves in the space, and can fully appreciate it. A cluttered home can also hide the beautiful features that you want to ensure people see – such as attractive mantelpieces. As part of your decluttering, you may find yourself struggling to create a clear space. In this case, it is worth creating some extra storage space by adding more in-built storage to bedrooms or under the stairs.

Freshening up your paint

Many people underestimate the importance of a fresh coat of paint. Your interior can so easily look drab and worn, so it is vital to look it over and see if it still looks good or if you are simply used to it. If you have outdated wallpaper or dark paint in a small room, this can be off-putting and make your home seem less cared for. Repainting your home with neutral shades that are fresh and clean will make your home appear modern and well taken care of. This can be beneficial when you are looking to sell, as it will give the overall impression of the home being high value, up to date, and properly maintained.

Restoring classic features

Nowadays, while minimalism might be popular, more and more people are looking for classic features. What does this mean? Well, for example, if you have beautiful hardwood floors that have been carpeted over, now is the time to restore them to their former glory! You can use a range of specialist tools such as bandsaws or cutting machines to cut wood easily and cleanly if you want to lay new flooring or need to replace parts of your floor that can’t be restored. Safety at work is key, so understanding how to use such tools properly is essential! You should also check your house for fireplaces that have been covered or otherwise hidden to see if these can be restored and made into a feature – you may even be able to create a functional fireplace in some cases!

Neatening up the garden

Your outside space matters – as it can reflect poorly on your home if your garden is overgrown and out of control. Take the time to assess what you want from your garden, as well as what will be a smart investment for the future. Unless you are a keen gardener, this will mean pulling up weeds and plants that don’t work in the space, and ensuring that your grass is well maintained. In some cases, this may mean a larger landscaping project, such as extending your borders to create a good frame for your lawn. A well-maintained shed can be easily put together and is a great place to store tools and other items to keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

Repair your roof

Your roof might not be something you think about until there is a substantial problem, but it is far better to check it before a serious issue arises. Replacing your roof is a job for the professionals, but you can repair small areas yourself and keep it in good condition. This is something potential home buyers will check, so it is important that your roof isn’t damaged – not to mention that cracks can let in water and let out heat!

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