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Advanced Plasma Power expands team with new appointments

Advanced Plasma Power (“APP”), the UK's first waste-to-energy company using breakthrough Gasplasma technology, has expanded its senior management team.

APP has appointed Martin Hopkins as Chief Operating Officer and Andrew Morris as Financial and Commercial Director, to take effect immediately.

Martin, a former Managing Director at Cleanaway, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of APP and its subsidiaries.

At Cleanaway Martin was responsible for creating the highly successful Total Waste Management business before becoming Managing Director of the Commercial & Industrial Waste business.

Martin was at MAN AG where he was a senior project manager responsible for building a coal gasification power station, before operating coal gasification and high temperature syngas business units. He then joined engineering services group Simon Carves in a commercial role before moving on to engineering group Fichtner, where he was business development director.

Immediately prior to joining APP, Martin established a successful manufacturing business which he recently sold to a large scale producer.

Martin has a wealth of senior management, waste management and project delivery experience. He is 44 and is a chartered chemical engineer.

The new Financial and Commercial Director, Andrew Morris has spent the last seven years working in the renewable energy sector where he gained experience in project development, fund raising and process management. Former Chief Operating Officer at the biofuels development company Bioethanol Ltd, Andrew was involved in all aspects of this business. Prior to this, Andrew was Managing Director of ICP Solar Technologies UK Ltd, a solar manufacturing and research company.

Andrew, aged 46 is a chartered certified accountant who trained at Price Waterhouse. He spent sixteen years in the City predominately in commodities markets. After leaving the City he was Head of Finance for AIM listed company PrimeEnt PLC. He is responsible for all aspects of financial control and commercial management at APP.

Andrew Hamilton, CEO of Advanced Plasma Power said: “We are delighted to welcome Martin and Andrew to APP. Together they bring a wealth of experience from the waste and renewable energy sectors. We are excited about the valuable contribution both will add to the team and look forward to them helping APP take our Gasplasma technology into commercial deployment.”

Advanced Plasma Power is a private UK company, set up to provide the best solution for converting waste into clean, local heat and power with minimal emissions and minimal residues sent to landfill. Less than 1% of feedstock is sent to landfill – the highest landfill diversion rate of any available technology. Recent analysis has shown that Gasplasma also has one of the lowest carbon emissions profiles of any available waste to energy technology.

About Advanced Plasma Power:

Advanced Plasma Power was formed in November 2005 to commercialise the Gasplasma technology originally developed by Tetronics Ltd.

The aim of the company is to provide the best solution for recovering clean energy from waste with minimal emissions and residues to landfill.

The Gasplasma Process is an advanced conversion technology (ACT) that converts waste feedstock into a clean hydrogen-rich syngas and a vitrified recyclate called PlasmarokTM that can be used as a building material or replacement aggregate.

It is a four stage process:

For further information please visit: www.advancedplasmapower.com

All recyclable materials are removed in a front-end materials recycling facility (MRF), separating glass, metals, hard plastics and oversized objects – all things which have a recyclable value and market.

The pre-treated waste feedstock is gasified in a fluidised bed gasifier, producing solid chars and ash in addition to a synthetic gas (syngas), which at this stage still contains tars and soot.
A plasma converter is used to crack the impurities in the syngas and 'polish' it, whilst simultaneously vitrifying the ash and inorganic fraction from the gasifier to form Plasmarok™.

The resulting clean syngas is used to power gas engines generating secure, clean, local heat and power.
The process thoroughly destroys all pathogens, dioxins and other persistent organic substances which have been associated with some thermal treatments of waste. Process residues to landfill are minimal at less than 1%.

The 'carbon negative' footprint of the process was calculated by consultants Wardell Armstrong. Emissions from the process itself are considered, as well as from transport and savings from recycling and displacement of fossil fuels.

The Gasplasma process is an advanced conversion technology which qualifies for double ROCs under the UK Renewable Obligation scheme.

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