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AEB initiates roll-out of ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management version 4.0 after successful pilot

AEB (Asia Pacific), the leading provider of IT solutions for global trade and logistics, has commenced roll-out of the latest version of ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management solution. Termed as “ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management version 4.0”, this new version offers better security, enhanced functionality and intuitive user interface. Compliance & Risk Management is part of AEB’s ASSIST4 software suite, which not only automates the restricted party screening process but also ensures that exporters comply with all export bans and licensing requirements.

“Compliance regulations and risks are on the rise in today’s evolving global supply chain management scenario. With authorities and legislators around the world keeping a tight focus on rules, restrictions and regulations pertaining to trade, there is an increasing need for businesses to avoid unintended violations and the potential penalties associated with these,” said Frans Kok, General Manager, AEB (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. “Our latest version is well-poised to effectively address global trade compliance, essentials of export control and process screening ensuring our customers’ business transactions are safe.”

Key Features of ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management version 4.0:
The new version 4.0 offers users an improved interface and new features that simplify the work of those responsible for ensuring export control compliance. The new widgets – mini-applications on the desktop – enable quick and direct access to the name and file check features. The software’s main screens have also been redesigned for a more intuitive user experience.

Improved functionality:
· Access to more restricted party lists
· User tips: How relevant is a particular restricted party list? The software provides tips to help users choose which lists to screen against and how to interpret matches.
· Direct access to legislation: Restricted parties contain direct links to the relevant legislation.
· New white list feature: White lists prevent unnecessary matches by filtering out official sanctions list entries that do not apply.
· Greater clarity in export controls: The software highlights which export law is applicable and which national authority has jurisdiction.
· Customised rules for global export controls: Customised rules make it possible to check against official export control regulations.

Compliance & Risk Management is continuously updated to reflect changes not only in restricted party lists, but also in export control regulations. AEB employs in-house experts to ensure that changes to legislation are immediately implemented in the software.

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