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Aetna UK wraps up an outstanding 2007!

Closing the order book for 2007, Aetna UK can reflect on a significant increase in orders for their range of automatic pallet wrapping machines and in particular, the rotary arm design from Robopac. These machines have a reputation for being highly robust and well engineered, providing day in, day out operation 24/7. One customer refers to his Helix HS40 pallet wrapper as an 'invisible machine' because it gives so little trouble from one year to the next!

Aetna has received several multiple machine orders from existing customers this year, and importantly, orders were also received from new customers who were seeking to replace competitors' machines.

Customers are attracted to the simple design of the rotary arm machine, but one of the limitations of the rotary arm principle is that they tend to run out of capacity quicker than a ring type machine. To overcome this problem, Robopac have now launched a two-headed version of the ever-popular Helix HS40 wrapper, which can wrap display pallets in excess of 160 pallets per hour with no fuss.

If one of the film reels run out before the other, the machine automatically swaps to the standard wrapping cycle, finishing the pallet in progress before going to alarm status. The reel that needs replacing is presented automatically to the operator side, and if both reels need changing, the heads can be 'jogged' around to the operator side.

Aetna says that Robopac still offer two ring machines; the Genesis Futura for speeds up to 60 pallets per hour and the Genesis High Speed, for applications above 60 pallets per hour. Both can be equipped with mid cycle top sheet applicators for a waterproof wrap.

Aetna believes customers have become more knowledgeable about the costs of wrapping a pallet and are keen to take full advantage of cost savings in line with achieving the optimum pallet stability.

Aetna UK are very conscious of their responsibilities to their growing customer base and continue to focus on providing the highest level of technical support using their own regionally based engineers and advisors. They believe their team, which has been in place for many years, is now the most experienced in the United Kingdom.

For general information about Aetna UK visit www.aetna.co.uk

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