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Adaptsys' Re-flex II, the affordable pocketed-tape former which enables small-parts packaging on demand
Adaptsys' Re-flex II, the affordable pocketed-tape former which enables small-parts packaging on demand

Affordable Pocketed-Tape Former enables Small-Parts Packaging On Demand

Adaptsys, leaders in component carrier tape manufacture, has introduced the Re-flex II compact pocketed-tape forming system, an affordable way to produce protective packaging on demand for engineering components such as small springs, stampings, and moulded or machined parts.

“Pocketed tape, also known as carrier tape, is a proven and efficient packaging solution. With Re-flex II, companies can produce their own tape as and when needed, becoming more flexible and responsive,” said James Cawkell, Technical Director of Adaptsys. “Compared to buying pre-formed tape, Re-flex II can deliver a return on investment in under 12 months.”

Re-flex II owners can avoid the supply-chain issues encountered when sourcing pre-formed tape, as well as saving the space needed to store empty tapes and simplifying inventory. Tape speed of up to 4m/min. ensures high throughput, while the Crosswinder option makes the most of each reel’s capacity. The system handles tape up to 88mm wide and can create standard or custom-sized pockets. Quick-change tooling allows the setup to be adapted for producing different sizes within minutes. The finished tape can be wound onto reels for storage or fed directly to a component packaging process.

When feeding tape directly, Re-flex II reduces the number of times the supply carrier tape needs to be changed, especially with deeper pocket parts. A conventional 22” (560mm) reel can hold 40 metres of tape pre-formed with 6mm-deep pockets. At a component-taping speed of 2 metres per minute, the reel must be changed every 20 minutes. The Re-flex II supply reel contains up to 1000 metres of unformed tape, extending the changeover interval to eight hours. Hence the reel can be changed once per shift, minimising operator intervention, reducing equipment downtime, and increasing productivity.

Re-flex II is in stock at Adaptsys now: Thank You Metal – Reflex ODT (reflex-odt.com).

More about Adaptsys

Adaptsys is an innovative system solutions company that supplies the electronics and precision mechanical manufacturing industries. For over 15 years, Adaptsys has distributed for the world’s leading names in device programmers, tape & reel and carrier tape. Adaptsys also offers a range of its own products, including custom tape and integrated programming systems.

The company’s customers rely on its industry knowledge and technical support capabilities to help in finding solutions to their current and future production needs.

For more information please visit: www.adaptsys.com.

More about Re-flex II by Adaptsys

Re-flex II by Adaptsys is a simple but effective way of producing carrier tape pockets in-house. By replacing the high cost of purchasing pre-formed carrier tape with the far less expensive flat tape material that is used by Re-flex II, a Return on Investment can be achieved within one year.

Through challenging other well-known issues of lengthy lead times, expensive shipping and sizeable storage requirements long since associated with existing component packing approaches, this new technology provides carrier tape as and when required which, in turn, guarantees substantial improvements in lead time to market and stock control.

For further information visit: https://reflex-odt.com/thank-you-metal/

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