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Agility Group creates versitile distribution warehouse for major supermarket chain

HiLo-PSS and Polymark have combined their expertise under the Agility Group banner to create a 1,365 square metre versatile storage and distribution warehouse in Coventry for a major supermarket chain. A leading UK provider of integrated storage solutions, the Agility Group has completed the fit-out of the distribution centre to provide a well-designed and efficient infrastructure to respond quickly to customer demand.

The Agility Group is a long established partnership, which uses its members experience and expertise to provide customers with a holistic approach to storage and handling solutions. Agility Group members HiLo-PSS, the UK's leading provider of storage structures, garment identification company, Polymark and overhead handling and conveyor system supplier, P.E.P, undertook the installation at the new facility.

For extremely fast moving garments the HiLo-PSS design team prepared detailed CAD drawings to provide nearly 6,000 metres of handing rail as part of a streamlined system to cater for the storage of approximately 289,000 garments. The designs include a hanging garment conveyor and sortation system supplied by Polymark and PEP.

The main order process operation is based on a three-floor solution. The ground floor comprises of part storage area and two buffer zones (one for final despatch and the other for incoming items). Induction and take-off points carry garments to a PEP ladder conveyor, which circulates up through level one and onto two before returning back through the various floors to the ground floor.

Items destined for the hanging garment storage areas move directly from the delivery vehicles to buffer in-feed lanes for QA procedures, prior to release into the main storage area. Colour-code hangers incorporating an RFID chip identify garments. As the batch reaches the first floor drop off point a reader identifies the destination and either opens the drop off switch or allows the garments to continue to the second floor.

After leaving the ladder conveyor the garments are collected by an operator and taken along each aisle on a central mounted overhead slide rail. Garments are then manually removed from the slide rail and stockpiled in their final storage location.

HiLo-PSS also designed two areas of pallet racking in two chambers. Chamber one measuring 3,300 square metres is located adjacent to the hanging garment system can accommodate 2,968 pallet locations whilst chamber two measuring 2,500 square metres has 3,218 pallet locations. The pallet racking is used for fast moving goods with operators picking from pallets on the ground floor.

“HiLo-PSS has been working with the retail sector for many years and has particular expertise in designing and installing warehouse installation for 'just in time' applications”, said David Munn, Technical Director for HiLo-PSS. “By combining our expertise in innovative multi-level storage solutions with other Agility Group members we have provided a hi-tech facility that can grow with the company's further expansion”.

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