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Air cushion packing material on demand from FP International new POWER PAK’R

FP International has launched the POWER PAK’R, the fastest packaging machine on the market. This powerful machine is capable of producing a wide range of air cushions on demand and offers an improved alternative to products such as paper or bubble wrap. Ultimately the air cushions it produces deliver customer satisfaction by providing optimal protection within the supply chain.

Many items such as electronics, china or cosmetics, when shipped, need special protection to ensure that they arrive intact. The POWER PAK’R packaging machine can produce the widest range of individual air cushions, which can be either cuboid to fill all the voids in a box or ultra wide to totally envelope your product. Each different item shipped can have its own specific air cushions.

In addition FP International can help you meet your environmental commitments as the POWER PAK’R air cushions are made from recycled material and comply with EN13427 standards.

Simple operation for a speedy result
It couldn’t be simpler; the POWER PAK’R’s "Plug & Play" functionality makes producing air cushions easier than ever. As soon as the powerful packaging machine is in use it can produce up to 36m/minute of air cushions, which represents two cubic meters every three minutes. A genuine "powerpacket" the POWER PAK’R can produce wrapping for up to 30 packages a minute; there is not a faster machine on the market.

Efficiency is further improved through its on demand air cushions production allowing one machine to service several packing stations. Through its modular construction the POWER PAK’R can be continually updated during its working life without compromising operating efficiency and has been specifically designed to work with automatic delivery systems.

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