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Air Products enters portable energy generation market with SmartFuel Portable-Power Cylinder

Air Products (NYSE:APD) today joins the portable energy generation market as it launches the revolutionary SmartFuel Portable-Power Cylinder.

Air Products, the world’s leading hydrogen manufacturer, has developed a new cylinder designed specifically for power generation applications. Small and lightweight, it is portable, easy to use and, most importantly, has a number of enhanced safety features.

The SmartFuel Portable-Power Cylinder will enable fuel cells to replace battery or diesel generators by making it possible to easily transport and use hydrogen fuel. A fuel cell has numerous advantages over traditional electric or diesel generators as it is completely silent, more efficient, and produces no harmful emissions at the point of use.

The SmartFuel Cylinder will be ideal for anyone working in remote areas where it is not possible to connect to the national electricity grid, or where there is a need for portable power supply. It could be used to power portable lighting, signage and tools.

Commenting on the development, Diana Raine, Air Products, European Business Manager Hydrogen Energy Systems said: "We’re proud to launch the SmartFuel portable-power cylinder, which is easier to use, smaller, lighter and more maneuverable than a traditional cylinder and opens up a new market for Air Products. It is a great example of how Air Products is continuing to bring innovative solutions to the hydrogen energy sector."

Other features of the SmartFuel Cylinder include the pre-set flow which eliminates set-up time, while the snap-on connection and hand-operated on/off valve prevent the need for spanners or bottle keys. Furthermore, it has been designed to ensure stability, and it has a built-in regulator that controls pressure to 3.5 barg and cannot be removed, reducing the exposure to pressure hazard. The regulator is safe from damage within a protective guard.

The SmartFuel Cylinder is another example of Air Products’ commitment to hydrogen infrastructure. In the UK alone, Air Products has 11 hydrogen fuelling stations, is part of the Government supported UKH2Mobility project, as well as providing the hydrogen and fuelling stations for London’s hydrogen powered buses.

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