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Airbloc introduces AB series air curtains and closes the door on energy loss

Where external doors are in constant use, heated or conditioned air losses are considerable, but the new AB Series air curtains from Airbloc have the answer – cutting energy loss by over 80%.

Positioned above the doors, Airbloc air curtains effectively separate internal and external environments by delivering a powerful ‘stream’ of air at critical velocity across the doorway. Warmed or cooled air is contained within the building, while cold or warm air from outside is prevented from seeping in.

Not only does this prevent discomfort for customers and employees, but it significantly reduces running costs, by cutting down on high quantities of wasted energy, making Airbloc an economical solution.

Opening external doors creates a ‘wind tunnel’ effect. External air – whether cold or hot – is drawn in, immediately altering indoor temperatures and impacting upon comfort levels for customers and staff. Consequently, the heating or air conditioning system has to work twice as hard to restore the working environment.

In many industrial and commercial environments, doors are in constant use, opening and closing throughout the day, causing temperatures to fluctuate.

The new second generation Airbloc AB range of air curtains for industrial environments offers a solution that allows doorways to remain open with relatively little detriment to internal comfort conditions or energy usage.

Among the air curtain’s new developments is a fresh design that promotes a laminar airflow and includes deep profile aerofoil section air straightening veins. These improve the efficiency of climate separation between the indoor and outdoor environment, compared to previous models.

Additionally, the air curtains feature even easier installation. Reducing site time, this also lowers costs.

The second generation AB air curtains can be supplied as ambient models or heated models utilising gas, hot water, steam or electric. The high efficiency gas fired heater module achieves in excess of 91% thermal efficiency – making it eligible for an Enhanced Capital Allowance.

To find out more about Airbloc’s energy efficient range of air curtains, visit www.airbloc.co.uk.

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