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Airlines travel and transport companies

biggest pollutants of the environment, outsourcing to India may help. As the aviation industry struggles with the rising cost of oil, a slowing global economy and growing demand from consumers for low costs flights, companies are coming under increasing pressure to outsource their IT to save costs.

Indian companies are rapidly developing a global reputation in outsourcing by delivering significant savings to the bottom line through the creation of greater efficiencies. However, given that the air travel and transport sector is the one of the largest pollutants of the environment, opting for emerging market suppliers to save costs could compromise companies in the sector.

ITC Infotech are part of the $18 billion ITC Group, India's third biggest company listed on the Sensex. ITC is one of just a handful of companies in the world that are carbon positive, which it has achieved through large-scale tree plantations. It is also “water positive” by increasing water conservation and rainwater harvesting efforts so it produces more water than it consumes. ITC says it is also making strides toward its goal of producing net zero solid waste.

Customers are seeing the value in the services ITC Infotech are delivering in an operational capacity. More customers are exercising a choice in favour of service providers who are more responsible to society and the environment. ITC Infotech are helping clients create enterprise applications which supports business strategies of growth & expansion into newer geographies.

For a company based on quality service deliveries and products, ensuring they delineate themselves from their competitors has always been a top priority for ITC Infotech. However, to ensure that they continue this consistent practice, ITC are putting key deliverables in front of clients and creating benchmark standards in areas that are no longer to key to good business practice, but to long-term sustainability and benefit for those communities around them.

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