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Alexa ranks MHW as top UK materials handling industry news website

Already established as the top UK Materials Handling news website, MHW is now confirmed as featuring among the elite top 10,000 websites in the UK.

"We have been hovering around the ten thousand mark for a number of months now, so I was absolutely delighted to see that we had finally cracked that particular nut yesterday." Commented David Ramsay, North Lodge Media’s Managing Director. "We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of news within the materials handling and logistics industry but this can be quite hard to prove to people. Fortunately alexa.com – the Amazon owned, independent ranking company – does that for us. All you have to do is look at the ‘site info’ and you can see both your UK and your world ranking."

"This is a vital tool for PR companies and advertisers, as it gives very rare and independent guidance on where they should be placing their advertisements and news stories for maximum impact. We are constantly involved in maximizing the impact of the industry related news stories that we publish on our site and as a result our stories are picked up in seconds by Google news, often before more obvious news sources such as the BBC and Reuters."

MHWmagazine.co.uk is currently ranked by Alexa 8927, head and shoulders above the rest of the industry with closest rivals being Logistic Manager at 49710, Warehouse news at 58505 and SHD at 78833.

"It is increasingly important that marketing professionals become aware of the ranking of their would-be partners and alexa.com could be the key to maximizing the impact of their marketing budget."
Rankings taken at 10:47 4th November 2010

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