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ALK Technologies brings CoPilot Live heavy goods vehicles satellite navigation to Europe

CoPilot Live v8 Truck satellite navigation runs on smartphones and rugged mobile devices, providing safe, efficient routes for heavy goods vehicles – avoiding low bridges and restricted roads.

ALK Technologies today announced the availability of CoPilot Live v8 Truck, voice-guided satellite navigation software designed specifically for drivers of HGVs, Trucks and vans. Initially available for Windows Mobile-based smartphones and devices, CoPilot Live v8 Truck calculates safe, reliable routes based on vehicle size and cargo type, helping professional drivers reduce wasted mileage, prevent costly bridge strikes and avoid unnecessary fines.

Drivers simply enter their vehicle dimensions and load type into CoPilot Live v8 Truck and an appropriate route will be calculated, automatically taking into account low bridges; height, weight and length limits, as well as hazardous material and environmental restrictions. Settings can be saved as route profiles for recall later, making it easy to switch between different vehicles. Up to 50 stops or waypoints can be entered into an individual itinerary, with trip optimisation and toll road avoidance to calculate the most efficient route to take.

CoPilot Live v8 Truck includes high-quality NAVTEQ maps in combination with NAVTEQ Transport, providing details of the location of thousands of low bridges, narrow roads and other truck restrictions. Maps are stored on the phone or device, so the system is not reliant on the mobile network for navigation. Thousands of useful points of interest for professional drivers are also preloaded including truck stops, rest areas and weigh stations.

On the road, drivers can choose from a range of clear, non-distracting 2D, 3D and driver safety guidance views, making it easy to follow the correct route. If a truck restriction is encountered on-route, for example as a result of a missed turn, audible and on-screen warnings alert the driver who can immediately select an appropriate detour.

Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director, ALK Technologies said "CoPilot Live v8 Truck enables owner operator drivers and fleets to navigate with confidence, simply using a smartphone or rugged mobile device. It reduces the risk of costly accidents and avoids wasted miles by providing appropriate routes for large vehicles – saving both time and money ."

"The addition of NAVTEQ Transport data enables vehicle specific navigation using detailed attributes collected specifically to support more accurate and appropriate routing for HGVs and vans," commented Peter Beaumont, Marketing Director Enterprise Europe at NAVTEQ. "As a result, fleets can be managed more efficiently – which in turn helps to reduce costs and improve customer service."

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