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All industries benefit from pallet trucks, says manual handling expert

A leading pallet truck supplier has sang the praises of the pallet truck, saying that its versatility and ability to adapt to different industries has made it one of the most important pieces of apparatus any business will buy. Pallet trucks can well be called the lifeblood of many industries. An integral cog in the machinery that makes a workplace tick, their many variants are relied upon across a great number of environments in industry and commerce. Whether the aim of the workplace is to manufacture products and then distribute them, or collate parts and assemble them, pallet trucks have a huge part to play in the success of many industries.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, one of the country’s leading suppliers of pallet trucks and manual handling solutions for a range of industries, says, "The versatility of pallet trucks means that they can be used practically anywhere, from delivery bays in industrial settings to the sterilised, hygienic setting of the pharmaceutical industry. Transporting cargo reliably and safely is paramount to many different types of business, and as long as this is a regular occurrence in workplaces across the country, pallet trucks will remain one of the most prevalent and important pieces of equipment that many businesses own."

Though primarily preoccupied with the storage of goods rather than the transportation of them, the warehousing industry is one which relies heavily on pallet trucks and other manual handling apparatus. Shelving units in these places are often incredibly high, and employees can often need plenty of help in order to pick cargo from height. Manual stacker trucks are a must in this kind of environment, whether it is for storing goods away on a towering shelf, or retrieving goods to fulfil an order. Without a manual stacker truck to hand, warehouses would not be party to nearly as much space as they can use when they use taller shelving units, and they would lose out on profits as a result.

After warehouses, another of the largest industries to make full use of pallet trucks and their various beneficial properties is the pharmaceutical field. This industry varies dramatically from the manufacturing and warehousing industry, and the pallet trucks used here need to have a completely different set of properties. The trucks used to transport chemicals and medicines must undergo strict cleaning regimes, and therefore must be able to withstand potentially harsh chemicals being used to clean them on a very regular basis. They need to be sterilised regularly and need to run smoothly in order to preserve the delicate cargo that it carries, often in glass bottles or test tubes. A fault from a pallet truck could cause two components of a medicine to mix, potentially ruining a full batch or causing even more serious side effects.

As illustrated in these two examples, pallet trucks need to have a robust construction and high lifting capacity, whilst also possessing other important properties such as the ability to travel smoothly and withstand harsh chemicals and adverse environments.

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