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Allison Transmission handles extreme heat, heavy loads: New KAMAG slag pot transporter

KAMAG’s new slag pot transporter, one of the largest in the world, uses Allison fully-automatic transmission for the challenging task of safely and quickly manoeuvring scorching hot slag.

Around a blast furnace even the air burns. Humans can stand these temperatures only encased in heat-resistant suits, but extreme heat is necessary to purify metals. After the smelting process, 1,300°C hot slag emerges from incinerators to be hauled away for cooling. The new, and so far biggest, type 2802-130 slag pot transporter, by the special vehicle manufacturer KAMAG, was built to handle these extreme temperatures.

The 82-ton vehicle measures 11.9metres long, 7.7metres wide, 4.3metres high and can transport up to 130 tons. Powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine C15 with 403 kW (548 hp) at 2,100 rpm and an Allison 4000 Series transmission, the single-axle prime mover hauls the 5.7-metre long and 4.35metre high slag pot with a capacity of 45 m³. The slag pot transporter was developed to transport the increasing payloads and larger slag pots with ease. KAMAG selected an Allison transmission largely because it provides superior performance within a compact drivetrain.

An Allison 4000 Series transmission with a direct mount transfer gearbox ensures torque multiplication at vehicle launch and the transfer of uninterrupted power, which means continuous power flow to the drive axle, even during gear shifts. Diesel- und Getriebeservice GmbH (DGS) from Mainz – official Allison Transmission distributor in Germany – provides the transfer gearbox and also contributed to the integration of the drivetrain into the slag pot transporter.

Safety is first priority
Due to safety reasons the maximum vehicle speed was limited to 35 km/h when unladen and to 20 km/h when laden. Thanks to Allison’s smooth acceleration control and Continuous Power Technology™, the slag stays in its pot. In addition, without manual shifting, the driver can fully concentrate on the difficult task of transporting the slag quickly, while not spilling any of the smelted material. Crucially, the slag must be moved quickly because if the slag cools, it destroys the pot. The transporter driver’s cabin comes equipped with a multifunctional display which allows the operator to safely observe the delicate tipping process as the transporter approaches the cooling basin, tilts and dumps the slag.

Robust vehicles required
In smelting and steel plants the transport of liquid slag is one of the most demanding tasks asked of a driver. That’s why vehicles must be easy to manoeuvre. Allison’s fully-automatic transmissions reduce the wear of drivetrain components and ensure unrivalled vehicle control for precise manoeuvring. The result is less maintenance and reduced downtime, a huge advantage for the operators of these special vehicles. Each Allison automatic transmission features a patented torque converter in place of a traditional starting clutch found in a manual or automated manual gearbox. This eliminates the common need for clutch replacements.

The slag pot transporter was built in a u-frame design, which offers key advantages over a platform design: less time to take in the slag and lower height when the slag flows into the pot. Additionally, this design is especially advantageous is spaces with limited heights, such as when the transporter has to drive through low hall gates.

KAMAG has used Allison transmission technology for many years in their specialised equipment including slag pot transporters, industrial elevating transporters and other articulated vehicles.

KAMAG U-frame Slag Pot Transporter 2802-130

Engine Caterpillar C15
Engine rating 403 kW (548 HP) at 2.100 rpm
Transmission Allison Transmission model: 4000SP
Transfer gearbox DGS VG2600
Dimensions 11.9 m x 7.7 m x 4.3 m
Payload capacity 130 tons
Empty weight 82 tons
Gross vehicle weight 212 tons

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