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Allison Transmissions for commercial vehicles offer rough terrain stress reduction for Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz has introduced the new Zetros, a remarkable vehicle suitable for many of the toughest applications, including construction, open-cast mining, breakdown services, fire brigades and civil protection, military, winter road maintenance and building power line installation for the energy sector. The optional Allison six-speed fully automatic transmission 3000 Series, available with integral retarder, delivers optimal driving comfort and unbeatable reliability under the most difficult conditions for the off-road vehicle.

The four-wheel drive Zetros is now available as a two-axle vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 16.5 or 18.0 tones and a payload (excluding body) of 10 tones, as well as a three-axle vehicle with a maximum of 25.0 or 27.0 tones and a payload of 16 tones. All versions have a large-scale 7.2-litre in-line six-cylinder OM 926 LA Euro 5 engine, capable of producing 240 kW (326 hp) and a maximum torque of 1300 Nm between 1200 and 1600/rpm.

When the going gets difficult, rely on Allison fully automatic transmissions
The focus of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros is to offer the best possible mode of transport under the most challenging off-road conditions. For almost 60 years Allison Transmission has specialised in providing high quality, reliable and durable transmissions for the toughest and most critical environments under which it is trusted to maintain productivity and performance.

Unique performance, unbeatable in rough terrains
Vehicles equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission demonstrate huge advantages over those using manual or automated manual transmissions (AMTs) in terms of startability, performance in soft ground conditions, acceleration, and overall productivity. The Allison torque converter multiplies engine torque at vehicle launch and allows a smooth and gradual delivery to the drive wheels.

"The torque converter, extending the ratio coverage and delivering the maximum engine torque possible, makes sure that the Zetros can easily keep the vehicle moving even in challenging terrain or sandy ground conditions," says Manlio Alvaro, Allison Marketing Manager for European Operations. "This is critical for customers demanding the highest productivity or providing emergency services."

Furthermore, the hydraulic Allison torque converter – which is not a wear component – provides a direct connection between engine and transmission in place of a traditional dry-plate clutch used by a manual or AMT. In severe duty cycles, the torque converter not only has a very positive impact on the transmission durability, but its ‘cushion effect’ protects the whole driveline against shocks and wear.

Allison transmissions also ensure full power shifts. Through efficient design, maximum engine power is transmitted to the driveline, without interruption, even during shifts. As a result, Allison equipped vehicles deliver a superior combination of performance productivity, and fuel efficiency.

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