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AM Labels Limited Receives SATO Application Enabled Printing Certification
2. Brendon Bass, Sales and Marketing Manager, AM Labels Limited

AM Labels Limited receives SATO Application Enabled Printing Certification

AM labels Limited has received the SATO Application Enabled Printing AEP Certification

AM Labels Limited (AML), a leading label printing machine specialist, label manufacturer, barcoding and software solution expert based in Northamptonshire, has received the SATO Application Enabled Printing (AEP) Certification, allowing the company to develop and sell fully-customisable standalone software for a range of applicable SATO printers.

The AEP platform is an intelligent on-board system that provides printers with the capacity to be used as standalone solutions, eliminating the requirement to connect to a PC. External devices including keyboards, scanners and weighing scales can be connected to AEP compatible printers to achieve additional data input, as well as offering multi-interface operation. This enables users to produce a variety of media, which is ideal for tasks including price marking, ingredient labelling, evidence tracking and item identification. The certification allows AM Labels Limited to offer its customers bespoke and personalised AEP solutions that have been developed in-house, maximising flexibility for the end user.

Ideal for use in a wide range of industries including healthcare, food and drink, retail, manufacturing and logistics, AEP offers flexible and intelligent printing solutions that are easy to operate and require minimal training, maximising productivity in the workplace and adapting seamlessly into existing systems. In addition to supporting standalone printing, AEP provides database access via network or cloud communication. The SATO AEP platform also provides users with the flexibility to effortlessly integrate printers with other external devices, without requiring investment in specialised firmware, eliminating the requirement to allocate time to installation or customisation.

AML’s talented team of in-house engineers has received comprehensive and extensive training on all aspects of AEP software development, allowing the company to provide its customers with a functional, efficient and user-friendly solution to label production. AEP can be personalised to suit each business’s individual printing requirements, providing the capacity for more advanced field options or multiple label formats, if required. What’s more, by eliminating the need for a PC or any additional software, AEP compatible printers save space and reduce both up-front investment and ongoing maintenance and software licensing costs, as well as offering a smaller footprint than alternative models.

A wide range of SATO’s portfolio is AEP compatible, including industrial printers such as the CL4NX and the CL4NX Plus, in addition to desktop printers such as the FX3-LX and the CT4-LX, as well as the PW208NX mobile printer. The AEP-enabled SATO FX3-LX desktop label printer, available from AM Labels Limited, is an innovative and flexible solution for the production of high quality and exceedingly efficient three-inch wide labels.

In addition to benefitting from a seven-inch full-colour LCD touch screen and high quality 305 dpi print resolution, the multi-functional FX3-LX has an easy-to-clean, anti-microbial casing, making it ideal for use in hospital and food manufacturing environments where hygiene and safety are paramount. With the option for battery powered operation, the FX3-LX is portable and can be employed for both hand held and trolley use, with an additional wall-mounted option also available.

Brendon Bass, Sales and Marketing Manager, AM Labels Limited, says: “We are thrilled to receive the SATO Application Enabled Printing Certification, recognising us as fully-approved to develop and sell personalised, standalone software for a range of AEP-compatible printers. We are continuously looking for ways to increase our in-house offering to maximise choice for our customers and, as a newly approved SATO AEP partner, we can now provide tailor-made labelling applications that offer a high level of fully-customisable functionality, without requiring a PC or any additional software.

“Not only does AEP offer users full autonomy while reducing the operational costs attached to label production, the innovative platform simplifies processes and increases flexibility by utilising internally-stored formats and databases to offer businesses complete personalisation of their labelling applications.”

AML is renowned for its vast technical and software expertise across all aspects of labelling, colour label printing, barcoding and RFID, in addition to having its own label production facility. The company offers thermal desktop, industrial and colour label printers that provide superb solutions to managing label printing in-house, across a wide range of industries and applications.

For more information on SATO AEP printing solutions available from AM Labels Limited, please call 01536 414 222 or email: sales@amlabels.co.uk

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