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AMH drives savings of around 70% on maintenance and servicing of the conveyor equipment for Menzies Distribution

AMH Services Ltd. have driven savings of around 70% in the cost of maintaining and servicing the conveyor equipment across the Menzies distribution network. "Taking a ‘value driven’ approach to maintenance enables us to achieve an optimised use of resource, ensuring each hour of maintenance time results in a tangible benefit whilst reducing breakdowns. Too often maintenance is delivered on a purely ‘time-based’ interval, regardless of the condition of the plant. This inevitably leads to wastage in maintenance time with no visible benefit" says AMH Managing Director, Spencer Roberts.

Sean Fitzharris (Building Services Manager, Menzies Distribution) comments "As a leading provider of newspaper and magazine distribution it is important our facility uptime is kept to a maximum. However, this needs to be at an optimum cost, therefore, we are very happy AMH have managed to find the right balance within our estate and help to deliver savings to our business".

The economic conditions of the day are forcing companies to re-evaluate traditional maintenance and servicing regimes, in a bid to reduce wastage (much the same as the manufacturing industry has done for years). The concepts of TPM, VDM and the 5 S’s have never been more in vogue.

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