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Amoric freight moves forward with Westcountry security

The use of an IP-based remotely-monitored CCTV solution has dramatically reduced thefts of fuel and expensive mechanical goods from the main depot of an international freight logistics company in Plymouth, Devon.

Amoric Freight recently installed an IP-based remotely-monitored CCTV solution and high-technology acoustic sensors from local specialists Westcountry Security, part of Chubb, to monitor the property, after three break-ins in as many weeks.

“In a series of incidents thieves stole more than 1500 litres of diesel, taking 800 litres in one night alone. The costs of such thefts impact our bottom line, and have environmental and health and safety consequences,” says Peter Smith warehouse manager at Armoric Freight.

“Spillages are hazardous to our employees, and when fuel gets into drains it can damage the local environment,” Peter adds. “We contacted Westcountry with whom we have been working for the last nine years, and asked them to come up with a solution.”

The system proposed was a remotely monitored CCTV solution, as Bob Truesdale, operations manager for Westcountry explains: “Armoric's main depot is relatively modern, and enclosed within a defined perimeter with appropriate gates and fencing. As such we have divided the perimeter into zones, and installed a high-technology acoustic sensor and a camera in each zone.”

The sensor picks up any activity at the fence (e.g. an attempt to climb or cut the wire) and generates an alarm. The cameras are then triggered to transmit images of the incident to Chubb's own remote video response centre where skilled operators are able to 'see' what is happening in real time, and take the appropriate action.

“This may mean contacting the keyholder, or it may involve contacting the police, depending on the level of threat, and whether the alarm is genuine,” Bob continues. “Images are also recorded for use at a later date.”

The cameras deployed are a mix of fixed colour cameras and domes. The acoustic sensors are from Senstar-Stellar. Within the perimeter, a REDWALL area-wide detector from Optex Europe has also been installed as a further tier of defence.

Knowing that the cameras are monitored 24/7 gives Peter and his team peace of mind. “We are also able to use the system to monitor activity in the yard during working hours, and help ensure the safety of our drivers and vehicles as they enter and leave the site.”

Peter chose Westcountry on the basis of his previous experience with the company. “Westcountry already protect our offices and a site in Lee Mill,” he says. “We were pleased with the excellent level of service we had received over the years.”

Though it is still early days, Peter says that he hasn't had any incidents of theft since. “CCTV is a deterrent,” he concludes, “and we are confident that we are as secure as we can be.”

Armoric Freight International Limited is an International transport company operating a fleet of high specification temperature-controlled vehicles.

Chubb is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

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