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Ancra successfully installs automated truck unloading systems for loose loaded parcels at the Danish Post

Ancra Systems has implemented multiple systems for unloading loose loaded parcels at the Danish Post. By installing conveyor systems in dedicated trailers and dock conveyor system, the unloading process is now fully automated and the ‘truck turn around time ‘is reduced significantly.

Danish Post, part of PostNord AB Group, is the largest post and parcel operator in Denmark. High volume shuttle transportation of parcels takes place between the two main sortation centers in Bronby, near Kopenhagen, and Taulov, on Jutland. Because of the next day delivery service level, the parcel transportation needs to take place in a limited time window.

Ancra Systems has installed belt systems in a dedicated fleet of 23 trailers (supplied by French based Fruehauf) and 2 dock systems at both hubs. When a trailer is docked, the Ancra trailer system unloads the parcels onto the Ancra dock system in less then 20 minutes. The dock system is connected to a conveyor system (supplied by Crisplant), that feeds the parcels directly to the sorting system.

By fully automating the parcel unloading process, a number of benefits are realized:

•Savings in labor due to full automation of the unloading process.

•Significant reduction of the trailer fleet, because of quicker ‘truck turn around time’

•Increased safely and less injuries due to full automation.

•Fully compliant with increasingly strict EU regulations for manual material handling.

•Better utilization of the sorting systems, due to a continues flow of parcels from the trailers.

The Danish Post is the second large customer this type of parcel unloading systems for Ancra Systems. This unique technology was first developed 10 years ago for French parcel operator ColiPoste. To date, Ancra has installed close to 500 trailers systems and 56 dock systems in France.

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