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Ancra Systems introduces a new ultra low pneumatic roller track system

With a completely new design Ancra achieves a roller track system that is lower, lighter and requires less maintenance.

Ancra Systems is a world leader in providing loading and unloading solutions used in the trailer and dock applications. Since the 80’s Ancra BV has supplied pneumatic roller systems to the trailer manufacturers and body builders.

The new roller track system has been completely redesigned resulting in an ultra low installation height of 55mm with the rollers in the raised position and 43mm with the rollers lowered. The new design is lighter in weight, saving more then 150kg per trailer.

The new design is based on two smaller rollers per axle instead of 1 big roller. As a result the openings in the top plates are 60% smaller allowing less debris to get into the channels. This reduces the risk of air punctures and requires less maintenance. By using a very high quality roller, the lifetime of the rollers has increased significantly due to high capacity and sealed bearing.

The rollers and axles can be replaced within a few minutes, due to the patented inner channel. Also, the new inner channel design provides additional support to the top plate so that the forklifts traffic has been improved.

The official market introduction will take place early September, during the Carrosserie Vakdagen (trade fair) in Gorinchem, The Netherlands,.

Guus Elbers – Ancra Systems BV – Staarten 14 – 5281 PL Boxtel, NL
E-mail: info@ancra.nl – Tel: +31 (0)411 677 865 – Fax: +31 (0)411 677 315 – www.ancra.nl

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