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Anglo Pacific undertakes Transatlantic six horse shipment for Museum of London

Last month, international removals company Anglo Pacific was entrusted with the unique task of transporting six life-size fibreglass horses from New York across the "pond" to the Museum of London. Now on permanent display in the City Gallery, the steeds arrived safely and are proving very popular with visitors.

Head of Design for the Museum of London, Leigh Cain, explains, "The magnificent Lord Mayor’s Coach has been the centrepiece of the City Gallery for some time now but we felt it deserved an added flourish to bring it to life so our patrons, the Harcourt Group, commissioned the creation of half a dozen horses. We chose British-born but New York-based sculptor, David Hayes, a specialist in concepts for museums film and advertising, for the role and the end result has been perfect. The Lord Mayor’s Coach is now getting the extra attention it deserves."

David worked in discussion with Leigh to capture just the right look for the sculptures. Crafted in tough but lightweight glass reinforced plastic, the horses are 16.5 hands high, reddish-brown bay colour and a cross-breed of Hunter and Draught horse. To give the most lifelike finish, the animals have been sprayed with flock fibres combed into place to give a realistic hair pattern and the mane and tails are the genuine article. The horses are harnessed with copies of those used to pull the Coach during the Lord Mayor’s Show each November with the front left horse saddled ready for the postilion rider who has control over the other five.

Terry Horsnell, Anglo Pacific’s Fine Art Consultant, comments, "One of the great things about working for Anglo Pacific is that I can never quite predict what kind of consignment is going to appear on my job list next. The Museum of London horse shipment was a real pleasure to coordinate and we’re pleased that the journey from New York to London went smoothly and was very quick. Pieces of art such as these are irreplaceable and priceless so it’s more important than ever that the creators and those who commission the works select their shipping experts carefully. Anglo Pacific looks forward to working with the Museum of London in the future."

The Museum of London’s City Gallery provides a vast window on to London Wall allowing visitors to peer into the galleries inside at the same time as glimpsing the real City outside. It celebrates the City of London through displays that showcase this area’s unique character where ancient traditions exist alongside cutting-edge architecture. The Lord Mayor’s Coach, resplendent with its new horses, is at the heart of the Gallery and is now more than 250 years old. Iconic and beautifully crafted, it was commissioned in 1757 for that year’s Lord Mayor’s Show and it still leaves the Museum each year to participate.

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