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Anti-vibration HGV Wheel Nuts from Nord Lock prevent vehicle and property damage

In the United Kingdom alone there are up to 400 wheel detachments from heavy trucks every year. Of these, on average, there are 134 accidents involving , 27 injuries and up to seven fatalities. The fault rarely lies with the driver or vehicle operator, yet they would be the first port of call for police accident investigators in the event of a wheel loss. HGV Direct Ltd has recently signed an agreement with Nord Lock to supply HGV drivers and haulage companies with their patented locking nuts. These are both cheaper and more effective than any other nut security system on the market.

Once fitted, it is impossible for the nut to work loose as a result of the usual causes of loose nuts:
Poor road conditions
Poor tightening technique or tools
Joint relaxation
Braking and acceleration
Human errors during assembly
Thermal expansion and contraction of wheel studs
Unbalanced wheels
Increased vehicle speed and capacity
Oil leakage from axel onto wheel nuts without locking function

Chris Knowles, Operations Director of HGV Direct comments, "When we were first shown a demonstration of the Nord Lock wheel nuts, we were immediately impressed. This product is actually superior than the leading locking wheel nut currently available, yet at £62.50 are up to 30% cheaper for a set of 10 nuts. So confident in them are we, that any customer ordering a set of the locking nuts will receive a free set of ‘Checkpoint’ nut indicators. This is purely a means to demonstrate to drivers just how effective they are. In time, I’m sure that they will have 100% confidence in the product and will be able to dispense with the indicators."

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