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APC Overnight leads the way with green packaging

Wolverhampton, UK, 10 July 2008 – APC Overnight has taken a stand in reducing the impact of plastic on the environment by opting for recycled and recyclable packaging for its Courier and Mail packs. The UK's largest next day delivery network delivers more than 1 million parcels each month so this eco-friendlier approach will make a huge difference to the amount of plastic waste generated across the industry and is positive step in helping to reduce the estimated 10.5 million tonnes of packaging waste generated across the UK in general (DEFRA June 2008). APC Overnight encourages other network operators to follow its example.

Courier and Mail packs do not need to be manufactured from virgin plastic and therefore APC Overnight chose to use recycled low-density polyethylene as recommended by its print and packaging supplier Printwell. After use the packs can be recycled by mechanically chopping them into tiny pieces using a process called regranulation. The granulated polyethylene can then be melted and reused, which consumes less energy than producing new or virgin plastic.

The choice of recyclable materials for the packs adds to an earlier environmental initiative taken by the organization to eliminate special service stickers. The advanced shipping system, provided by web solutions experts NetDespatch, prints all of the information required onto a single sheet using any laser printer. Where previously 4 separate labels might have been required, the new label combines delivery address, barcode and routing information with security, Saturday and timed delivery stickers into a single A5 label format. The plain paper labels can be folded into an adhesive A5 document wallet supplied by APC Overnight or simply stuck onto the parcel.

“APC Overnight is committed to initiating environmental policies across the network. Opting for recycled and recyclable materials for Courier and Mail packs is yet another step forward in reducing the impact of the organisation on the environment and demonstrates that we have an active programme for improving our environmental credentials,” says Jon Barber, Marketing Director, APC Overnight.

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