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APC Overnight meets critical timed deliveries for ZooBiotic

Wolverhampton, UK, 27 January 2009 – Innovative wound care specialists ZooBiotic has awarded a major contract to APC Overnight for fully traceable, timed UK-wide deliveries of its medical dressings. The products have limited shelf life and therefore must arrive on time for immediate use by doctors and patients. ZooBiotic utilises APC Overnight's local depot APC Western Couriers in Caerphilly to ship an average of 70 to 80 parcels per night.

ZooBiotic's Sage production and accounting system links directly to the online APC Overnight shipping and tracking system. Bookings and manifests are transferred in real time using the advanced NetDespatch web service. This seamless integration provides essential end-to-end traceability of all ZooBiotic's products with the aid of bar code shipping labels generated automatically by the system.

“It is imperative that we get our special medical dressings to the customer on time. This is particularly important for medical professionals who have scheduled appointments for treating their patients. Traceability is a key requirement for us. We are shipping short life medical supplies and so we need to know that deliveries are progressing as expected. With the online system we can see instantly where our consignments are at any time as well as having Proof of Delivery from the customer,” says Johanna Bennett, ZooBiotic's Office Manager.

As the labels are scanned at each point of the parcel's journey – from collection, out to the APC Overnight hub, onto the customer's local depot and finally on delivery to the customer – ZooBiotic has full traceability of its products. This is further supported by electronic signature capture with the customer signing for Proof of Delivery on the delivery driver's PDA, which is then transmitted wirelessly back to the system.

“We can never be late with our deliveries and we are very pleased to say that APC Overnight has proven to be extremely reliable. APC Overnight treats us as a major customer and for the local depot we are a big client and they are therefore extremely attentive to our needs,” says Johanna Bennett.

ZooBiotic is based in Bridgend, South Wales. It has been in existence since April 2005 and is a spin out from the Bro-Morgannwg National Health Service Trust. The company specialises in the development, manufacture and use of larval therapy for chronic, infected and necrotic wounds for immediate use on patients by clinicians in both hospitals and the community.

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