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ARCO steps up prevention against slips and trips

With news that injuries caused by slips, trips and falls cause someone to break or fracture a bone at work every 25 minutes; safety company Arco is supporting the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) 'Shattered Lives' campaign to help transport, chemical and distribution businesses drive down the massive personal and financial cost of this type of workplace accident.

According to the latest HSE statistics, in 2007/8 slipping and tripping remained the most common kind of major injury with nearly 11,000 injuries reported. Figures from 2006/7 confirmed that slips, trips and falls lead to the loss of 1,110,000 working days. In the transport and distribution industry alone, falls from vehicles were responsible for 39% of major injuries. The HSE states that 80% of all British employers regard slips, trips and falls as their biggest health and safety risk – an indication of industry's recognition of the extent of improvements required to reduce the potential for accidents.

Slips, trips and falls injuries cost over £800m

Introducing the 'Shattered Lives' campaign earlier this year, Dr Elizabeth Gibby, Head of the Injuries Reduction Programme, HSE said, “Each year slips, trips and falls cost the British society nearly £811 million pounds. They can also have a shattering effect on l businesses through costs such as employee absence, sick pay and reduced productivity. Irrespective of the size of the business and the job that you do, it could happen to you.”

Arco has been at the forefront of pioneering technology within the safety and workwear sector for many years and is renowned for partnering with specialist manufacturers and testing houses in the continual development and expansion of a cost-effective range of safety products that will help reduce risk in specific applications.

In a recent independent survey of slip resistant footwear, Arco was the sole stockist of two the highest performing brands of all safety shoes: its own-brand Arco Safety Stop range and Shoes for Crews (SFC). SFC has been a world leader of the slip resistant footwear industry for several years. To help keep people safe on their feet and minimize the risk of slipping, SFC has developed a superior non-slip technology that works in oily, greasy and icy conditions making it ideal for the toughest environment. Its specially designed diamond shaped grid pattern and cleat depth provide unequalled slip resistance by channelling liquids away from the bottom of the sole.

“We are in full support of the HSE's Shattered Lives campaign, and concur with their recommendations for reducing accidents”, says Liz Johnsen, Arco's product manager for footwear. “Footwear is one of our biggest selling product ranges so we have a lot of experience in helping companies reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. When selecting footwear, those responsible for purchasing often have to strike a balance between comfort, style and practicality, with safety remaining the number one criterion. What suits one person won't necessarily fit another, so we offer a wide range of styles and sizes to meet all requirements.”

For more details of how Arco can help you address slips, trips and falls, please visit www.arco.co.uk.

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