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Asda benefits from British Turntable access revolve

A 15 metre diameter HGV access revolve installed by British Turntable at the new Asda store in Bearsden, Glasgow, is not only speeding up delivery turnaround times but is also proving to offer other economic and operational benefits.

The 44 tonne capacity revolve, which is capable of carrying an articulated truck up to 16.5m long, has been sited in a covered service yard, which is accessed from a busy main street. Vehicles must enter and exit this street in a forwards direction, and a solution therefore had to be found which would allow delivery vehicles to be turned round in the restricted loading area.

A turntable was the obvious choice, and British Turntable chosen as the supplier.

Asda had been looking at installing turntables for a number of years and prior to the Bearsden installation visited Marks & Spencer and Waitrose stores where British Turntable access revolves had previously been installed. They were impressed with the simplicity of the turntable operation at these sites.

Asda's primary objective was to make the yard work better, and the installation of the turntable at Bearsden has achieved this. It has been instrumental in improving the layout and product flow of the back-of-house at the new store, and the cost of the turntable has been partially offset by the reduction in excavation costs in the rear yard.

After only a couple of training sessions the store team and delivery drivers have become used to the turntable, such that the docking operation is now quick and straightforward.

British Turntable agreed a generic turntable specification with Asda for the Bearsden store, and this was then adapted in consultation with the architect to meet the site's specific needs. As part of this a simple red/green traffic light arrangement has been provided by British Turntable to inform drivers waiting at the entry door if the turntable is clear of traffic and ready to accept their truck.

Standard features of British Turntable's generic turntable design include: a fixed speed rotation of 0.5rpm, which allows vehicles to be moved into the ideal position in only 60 seconds; yellow markers to make positioning of the vehicle on the turntable easier; and a vandal-proof, security key protected control box to aid the manoeuvring process. The turntable components are generally located in a pit that has provision for water drainage.
Staff training is also included, as is stand-by provision on store opening, an emergency rotation facility and maintenance.

Further information is available from David Houghton on tel: +44 (0)1204 525626,
e-mail: info@turntable.co.uk, or by visiting the website at www.british.turntable.co.uk.


PHOTO: A 15 metre diameter HGV access revolve installed by British Turntable at the new Asda store in Bearsden, Glasgow, speeds up delivery turnaround times.

Phil Childs, email: info@turntable.co.uk
British Turntable Co. Ltd., Emblem Street, Bolton BL3 5BW,
tel: +44 (0)1204 525626, fax: +44 (0)1204 382407, www.british.turntable.co.uk

Further information:

British Turntable Co has been developing and manufacturing movement solutions for a wide range of industries since 1959 and exports to more than 120 countries world wide. In 2004 the company bought Hovair Systems to strengthen its position in air film movement technology and in 2005 acquired the business of Cawley Marine Industrial, including exclusive distribution rights for Jung lifting equipment in the UK.

Typical industrial and commercial applications include retail display units, revolving stages for nightclubs and other leisure markets, car revolves to solve inner-city parking problems, HGV access turntables, materials handling carousels, transporters and lifting equipment, and large revolves capable of carrying a military tank or an aeroplane. A hire service is available on many units.

Customers include major high street names including the famous London stores, Harrods and Hamleys, a wide range of independent retailers, world renowned museums and heritage centres, exhibition contractors, TV and film companies, government agencies, national standard test laboratories, multi-national organisations and all the major car manufacturers world wide.

The company has also developed products for the consumer, including the MAT motorcycle turntable, the manually operated DriveAway domestic driveway turntable and a range of powered units that can be customised to meet individual needs.

British Turntable is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000.

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