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ASG new rack end cover system

A new product is being launched at Logistics Link Live called the ASG Rack End Cover, designed to improve safety, identification and general appearance of a storage facility. The ASG Rack End Cover attaches to the end of racking, covering it entirely so product and racking is completely covered.

Manufacturers of the product, ASG Services, are showing little sign of relinquishing their hold as the most innovative organisation in the Warehouse Identification market by focusing on development of products which bring added benefits to the customer.

The Covers offer restraint to products which may become dislodged high in racking usually out-of-sight, helping to prevent product falling and harming the unaware employee below. Other benefits include large aisle ID placements, multi signage positions, waste collection points, healthcare stations, and fire exit directions, all contributing toward a tidy and organised warehouse.

Manufactured in a durable yet flexible material the Cover is hung from the top of racking and attached intermittently along the sides giving strength while maintaining its robust qualities. A variety of 26 colours are available to choose from and a range of additional extras to suite the facility and its specific needs which means the Rack End Cover will quite literally change the face of racking.

Rack End Covers, as with most ASG products, are produced to individual specifications, which can include corporate livery, facility specific signage, variable sizes, and in a choice of colours, as ever a complete installation service is available which their customers have come to expect.

Tony Gresty MD, commented, “We continually look at new ways of identification for warehousing and distribution facilities to provide the customer with the best value product. ASG Rack End Covers do just that, by improving safety, identification and serving to improve the general organisation and appearance of a facility.”

The company chose to launch the Rack End Cover at Logistics Link Live because it is also something new and exciting as well as being a new media for the Logistics and Materials Handling Industry.”

Richard Greaves (UK Sales Manager) and David Grundy (Marketing Manager) will be at the show to answer any questions you have about the Rack End Cover, you may also call 01925 710923 or visit. www.asgservices.co.uk.

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