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AS Watson, recently completed a huge project for a brand new 536,000 sq ft distribution centre based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire which is furnished with an up-to-date 'Voice Pick' system, set to improve operational efficiency and pick accuracy. AS Watson is the parent company of Superdrug, the UK's fastest growing beauty & health retailer in the UK.

Sourcing suppliers came down to those who were able to offer value through both strong product and excellent service. For this, AS Watson worked with ASG Services, the UK's leading manufacturer and installer of warehouse location labels, signage and other warehouse identification products. The company is known for its expertise in delivering such large and important projects.

ASG's Project Management team coordinated the entire installation, in-line with AS Watson's requirements to ensure new stock could be accepted and allocated to locations while the installation progressed.

A window of six weeks was made available to design, produce the labels, and deliver the installation of 58,496 warehouse location labels and 520 end of aisle marker signs, all of which were produced in-house, at ASG's Warrington based facility. Speaking about the project, Tony Gresty, Managing Director of ASG Services said, “The enquiry came to us with very clear timescales as the facility was already receiving its new racking. We were able to assure AS Watson that we could support its target go-live date if they responded to the requests of our project team.” Tony went on to say, “The client was faultless in their approach in providing the relevant information when requested, which is a real sign of their commitment and focus to efficiency at Dunstable.”

Tony also said, “ASG is structured to deliver a number of projects like this at any one time, as well as many smaller ones. Each are equally important which is why we designated one point of contact at ASG, a person with the experience and knowledge to ensure the products ordered are as required, that resources are allocated, and who makes certain customer required-by or delivery deadlines are achieved.”

Label sizes at Dunstable are typical of other rack location label sizes; however they are produced without barcodes for the voice-pick system used at Dunstable. Both the layout and design of the labels improve text appearance, making them as easy to read as possible. Colour is also an important specification, used to identify levels, as this helps with quick referencing especially at distance or where the labels are positioned on the higher level beams. All labels are produced using a polyester base material to prevent contraction and expansion therefore improving the lifespan of the label and are finished with a laminate film to increase durability.

Warehouse signage is becoming increasingly important as companies recognise the need for an area to be identifiable at distance. AS Watson utilise signage throughout their Dunstable operation and have added in road sign symbols, recognised by drivers and non-drivers alike, to impress on all warehouse operators the importance of the message portrayed. Each end-of-aisle marker sign uses both the aisle letter as well as a symbol to denote the one-way system in use, this helps improve safety and efficiency throughout the operation.

Further use of road signage is made with large direction boards to highlight the aerosol storage areas, protected by a cage structure these are not instantly visible. 2400mm x 1100mm boards with red chevrons clearly mark the entry points to the areas, in an attempt to reduce damage and subsequent re-orders of new mesh panels, damaged by forklift trucks.

The site is now fully operational and a prime example of the highest standard warehouse identification installation available.

Visit www.asgservices.co.uk to see how your facility may benefit from ASG Services input.

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