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At the forefront of Liquid waste disposal technology

Waste management company Yorwaste is offering a vital service to businesses that now have to find alternative methods of disposing of liquid waste.

The company has responded positively to the Landfill Directive, which prevents liquid wastes such as sludge and oil/water mixes from being disposed of in landfill, by investing £1m in a liquid treatment plant at its integrated waste management site at Harewood Whin, near York.

The new facility has been built to complement the wide range of existing disposal technologies already available at Harewood Whin, including inert material recycling, composting, and the energy recovery from landfill gas.

It allows Yorwaste to provide its customers with a facility that can safely treat and dispose of up to 16,000 tonnes of liquid waste each year.

The plant offers a three-phase separation process for oils, liquids and solids and is supported by new laboratory facilities, tanker wash out and a fully documented waste audit trail system.

Industry sectors that could benefit from the service offered by Yorwaste include transport, particularly garages and bus stations, environment, such as street cleaning, and industry, particularly factory-related work.

Steve Grieve, Yorwaste Managing Director, said: “We have a broad range of customers currently taking advantage of the liquid treatment plant, but there is capacity to increase our customer base even further.

“One of the big advantages of the plant is that it is part of an integrated waste management facility and therefore it complements the other disposal methods we are able to offer at Harewood Whin.

“Liquid waste can no longer go to landfill so by providing a state-of-the-art, dedicated treatment facility, not only are we offering businesses and organisations a safe and cost effective solution to their liquid waste disposal needs, we are also making an important contribution to protecting the environment.”

Any businesses or organisations that would like to take advantage of Yorwaste's liquid treatment services are asked to contact the company's sales team on 01609 774400.

* Over the last five years, Yorwaste has doubled the amount of waste it handles and broke the million tonne mark for the first time last year. It is also recycling more material than at any time in its history, with the help of state-of-the-art recycling centres, such as the one at Seamer Carr, near Scarborough, kerbside recycling schemes and the use of new technologies, such as Materials Recycling Facilities.

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