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Atlet Alto

powerfull, stable and compact Pedestrian Stacker.
Atlet has launched its new-generation pedestrian pallet transporter/stacker – the Alto PS. The compact truck is designed for extended work cycles in tight spaces in warehouses and production plants.

The 1250kg capacity Alto PS stacker is based on the all-new P-Type chassis, introduced last year, which also provides the platform for Atlet's latest generation of pallet transporters and low level order pickers. The Alto PS will stack loads up to 3.5 metres.

The truck is only 800mm wide and 1898mm long, enabling it to work in very confined spaces. Combined with a tight turning circle this is a major benefit on factory floors, where the truck is ideally suited to feeding workstations and assembly lines.

Safety is outstanding on the new truck. Four wheels give excellent all-round stability, aided by Atlet's Friction Force system that ensures the drive wheel exerts optimum ground-pressure – no more, no less – under all conditions. Fork lift speed is reduced above 1.5 metres to give safe and accurate stacking, and the position of the tiller arm enables the truck to be operated whilst walking alongside it, with no danger of the operator trapping his feet. The low chassis and clear view mast ensures that the operator always has a good view of the whole truck, including the fork tips.

In common with the rest of Atlet's new P-type trucks the Alto PS has an advanced-ergonomics tiller arm, with comfortable hand grips and easy-action fingertip controls, with proportional valves, which fall naturally to hand. Steering is progressive with a tiller arm angle of just 70o giving a 90o lock. These features are specifically designed to minimise arm movement when driving the truck, thus reducing the risk of strain to the operator's arms and wrists, and to facilitate easy manoeuvring. The tiller arm also incorporates a back-lit LCD panel displaying battery status, hours worked, time and date and fault warnings. A keypad provides PIN access, to restrict use to authorised operators.

The truck is powered by a robust and economical 1kW AC motor with a high capacity 230Ah battery, providing high travel speed, rapid acceleration and speedy fork lift and lower. The motor is fitted with the Atlet truck computer – ATC – which has built-in diagnostic capabilities to enable rapid fault-finding, which in turn reduces servicing and maintenance downtime.

The ATC also enables the Alto's driving characteristics to be programmed to suit the preferences of individual operators. The appropriate settings are automatically activated as the relevant operator's PIN is entered into the tiller arm keypad.

As with all Atlet trucks the Alto PS is designed for low cost operation – the price of a truck represents only 10 per cent of its life cycle cost (LCC) over a six-year period. The Alto is built in accordance with Atlet's modular design concept whereby components are common to many different models, which reduces purchase price and the cost of servicing and maintenance. The truck is extremely rugged and all replacement parts are easily accessible.

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