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Automated parts manufacturing in the automotive industry

In deep rolling and roll straightening machines in the automotive industry, the three-dimensional ROBOTRAX cable carriers from KABELSCHLEPP Metool provide movement in three axes and therefore more flexibility for production.

The modern deep rolling and roll straightening machines from Hegenscheidt-MFD GmbH & Co. KG are used for crankshaft manufacturing of compact engines. The ROBOTRAX system is installed in the machines: Workpiece processing requires movement in three axes which can be implemented in one single cable carrier by using ROBOTRAX. "When customers want to convert the machine for a specific process, it used to be necessary to dismantle everything and attach it in a different position. Three-dimensional cable carriers have made this much easier," Frank Risters, Head of Mechanical Design at Hegenscheidt, says. "It allows the devices to be moved into variable positions within the housing."

ROBOTRAX was primarily designed for maximum freedom of movement for industrial robots with high tensile forces and accelerations. The systems consist of individual links made of special plastic, joined on both sides using ball and socket style snap-together connectors. A steel wire in the middle of the cable carrier provides force transmission. This creates a cable carrier which is designed like a spinal column and is suitable for swivel and circular movements. The ROBOTRAX is fitted and guided on the robot with quick release holders which fit on any chain link and can simply be fixed with two screws.

KABELSCHLEPP Metool offer an extensive range of system components for the ROBOTRAX cable carriers, including the PROTECTOR. It is available for all ROBOTRAX sizes. It additionally protects the cable carrier and the cables against strong abrasion and premature wear while also limiting the radius for complying with the minimum bending radii of the cables. The service life of the ROBOTRAX cable carrier can be further increased if the PROTECTOR is combined with the PULL-BACK UNIT. The active pull-back mechanism keeps the cable carrier under tension, preventing unwanted contact with the robot.

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