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Samsung chooses Avancon for its sorting system

Avancon solves sorter problem for Samsung shipping area

Together with the South Korean system integrator Asetec Co.Kr, a specialist for electronic control systems, “Pick-to-Light” and communication with higher-level BUS / IT systems, Avancon built the Samsung shipping center for small units – like the new Galaxy Note 10 – and simultaneously for larger boxes and for other products. The requirements for this sorting and distribution system were among others: a very short delivery time, the system had to fit into a relatively small existing area, it should be fast enough and handle their value goods gently, the system should be safe for the operators and – last but not least it had to be economical. – Avancon could fulfill it all.

“Samsung Electronics aspires to create unique and bold designs that endlessly pursue new discoveries and adventures. We make sure to instill authenticity and emotional sensibility into our design so that it permeates naturally into our daily lives.

We are conscious pioneers who challenge the status quo and speak with a voice that translates into true value for our customers. Through our designs, we pave the path to a better world with more exciting experiences, meaningful stories, and organic connections.” (Samsung Design/New Era, New Thinking)

This is Samsung’s design philosophy and is fully in line with the Avancon DNA, namely, being pioneers, producing exceptional, modern, avant-garde design with an easy but high functionality for all products which are produced and installed. Avancon conveyor systems and OTU (Omnidirectional Transfer Units) provide a true value through the unrivaled sorting and distribution system for Samsung.

The Avancon team and the Asian managing director, Hyunmin Park at Seoul/South-Korea, were under intense pressure as this complex sorting system had to be produced within four weeks.

Integrator Asetec manages 30000 cartons per day“With our partner, integrator Asetec Co. Kr in Seoul, and Samsung’s logistics managers, I had many discussions, conferences, meetings, phone calls, and emails. The question was how this system could be accommodated in the existing space and how 30,000 cartons per day could there be quickly distributed to 28 destinations. We discussed different layouts,” reports Hyunmin Park, “Then we all visited at Hanmi Pharmaceutics the Avancon order picking system, which has been in operation for more than a year. The decision-makers and employees of Samsung were able to see and feel this beautiful system life. They were convinced of the sleek, streamlined design and the efficiency. – So, we got the job.”

It was not easy to get the engineers and technical director at Avancon Headquarters in Switzerland to produce everything within this short time. Nevertheless, they made it. But then Hyunmin Park and Asetec also had to make sure that the system was quickly installed and tested. That was hard. There was not much room between the 28 electronically controlled chutes. The true plug-in concept and the simplicity of the control system based on the famous ASi fieldbus enabled Avancon and Asetec to meet Samsung’s requirements.

Of course, during the trial period, there were several other issues that Avancon was not responsible for. The barcode reader, the communication to the higherlevel IT system and the coordination between the order picking and the Avancon-controlled sorters with the roller-conveyor-chutes. Thanks to our partner Asetec and the highly motivated employees of Samsung, however, everything went on time.

When Samsung began shipping the new Galaxy Note 10, everything worked flawlessly.

Avancon cross belt sorterThe Avancon concept was not only much more economical, but also quieter and of superior design compared to other possible solutions such as the crossbelt sorters, shoe and tilt tray sorting system. If it is fast enough, it is an inexpensive alternative. When customers like Samsung saw the Avancon Conveyor Design they immediately appreciate. when they looked at it.

“Today I can say the effort was worth it,” mentions Hyunmin Park very satisfied. “Both companies, Asetec Co Kr and Samsung-Logistics want to work with Avancon on further projects and new concrete systems are already on the table.”

If you also like the Avancon design and the sorter installed at Samsung, watch the full system video at https://avancon.com/videos/ “Sorter for Samsung Smartphones” or you may contact Avancon directly.

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