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Avanquest ProcessFlows business process technology appointed sole UK distributor for ShapeSpace

Avanquest ProcessFlows, providers of business process transformation solutions, has been appointed the sole UK distributor for ShapeSpace – a new, enterprise scale, 3D CAD data search engine/document management solution developed by ShapeSpace Ltd, for users in the fields of engineering and manufacturing.

Dr Andrew Sherlock, Founder and CEO of ShapeSpace Ltd, said, "Engineering companies, such as motor and aerospace manufacturers, invest heavily in product design and in the systems to help them create, manage, store and process product data. But typically, these systems provide only basic search and retrieval tools, so opportunities are regularly missed to re-use designs or to rationalise existing parts libraries. Using ShapeSpace allows an organisation to ‘wring more’ from their existing investments in product design, ultimately delivering a higher level of customer service and profitability – a message very much aligned with Avanquest ProcessFlows’ philosophy."

The addition of ShapeSpace technology expands the portfolio of solutions ProcessFlows can offer, as well as opening up new business opportunities in alternative vertical markets for their Channel Partners.

Chris Thompson, Managing Director, ProcessFlows said, "All our solutions are designed to maximise business performance and deliver efficiencies across the whole organisation. We are excited to be working with ShapeSpace to bring these benefits to engineering companies. ShapeSpace also represents a fantastic opportunity for a select group of our channel partners to offer a step-change in 3D storage and retrieval to their customers.’

‘ShapeSpace’s advanced 3D search-by-shape technology allows designers to quickly find and re-use existing components/designs, even when a part number or name isn’t known. This increases a design engineer’s productivity and reduces costs by avoiding the wasted time and expense involved in ‘re-inventing the wheel’.

ShapeSpace improves Product Data Management (PDM) and/or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities. It integrates with all major CAD, PDM/ PLM and back office systems, delivering search-by-shape with text search and 3D visualisation capabilities – enhancing keyword and metadata searches with a simple to use geometric search. It is a new and powerful way for users to locate parts and associated data – with results presented collectively for visual comparison in full 3D.

By understanding the geometry of components, ShapeSpace gives organisations a set of powerful tools with which to manage their parts libraries, allowing them to browse, quickly find, consolidate and rationalise duplicate parts.

ShapeSpace delivers the following business benefits:
Saves the management and inventory costs of duplicate designs

Simple deletion or archiving of non-current duplicate parts keeps databases up-to-date and is ideal for data cleansing prior to migrating to a PLM solution

Reduces the rate of new part introduction

Saves designers’ time by allowing rapid retrieval of proven designs

Improved customer service – it is easy to identify, select and deliver the correct replacement part more quickly

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