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Avery Weigh-Tronix on-board weighing software warns truck drivers about overloaded axles

Other added functionality includes audible and visual warning for ‘body up’ on tippers and, unlike other systems, the ability to calculate the load’s centre of gravity to detect uneven ground and off centre loading. The company has also added a simple program to enable independent printing of partial loading and unloading.

The new axle weighing function will display the weight bearing on up to four individual axles on the in-cab indicator and provides an audible and visual warning if any are overloaded. Using this information the operator will also be able to see if the load can be redistributed.

Says Chris McAllister, product manager for Avery Weigh-Tronix: "VOSA can take action against operators for both gross overloading and overloading individual axles. Technology has made enforcement more likely, so information about the total load and how it is distributed is vital."

Other alarms warn the driver if the truck body is raised and whether the centre of gravity of the load has moved. The latter alarm provides an earlier warning of a shifting load than an inclinometer used by other on board weighing systems, since it detects an off centre load before the body begins tilting.

Finally the driver can monitor loading and or unloading using a screen in the cab. The system will add or subtract a specified quantity and can print a collection or delivery ticket. The operator can also add a remote display elsewhere on the vehicle to help this process. Concludes McAllister: "The most important aspect of on-board weighing is the accuracy and reliability of the data. Our digital system is more robust and durable than competing systems. Our new software helps the driver and the operator to avoid health and safety hazards and improve loading efficiency."

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