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Award winning technical cooperation in mining equipment

Steel specialists Abraservice, one of Europe’s largest independent special steel stockholders and processors, has been working in cooperation with Liebherr Mining Division on technical developments since 2004 and are proud to have played a part in the evolution of the performance of the latest Liebherr mining shovel.

The Liebherr R 9800 hydraulic shovel won the award for the best mining equipment in the category of ‘Surface Mining, Capital Equipment’ awarded by Mining Magazine in 2010, the design of which included a full set of wear resistant parts produced in Creusabro® 8000, supplied by Abraservice.

The Creusabro 8000 material, manufactured by leading steel supplier Industeel and distributed by Abraservice across Europe, is a high performance steel, offering excellent wear resistance, a significant increase to the wear life of functional parts and the fundamental benefit of reducing the bucket weight, a great advantage to this difficult challenge in the field of huge mining bulky extraction.

High performance Creusabro 8000 was primarily chosen for the manufacture of the set of anti-abrasion parts for the key benefit of reducing the weight of the bucket without compromising the life of the bucket.

The shovel bucket has a capacity of 47.5 m3 and a weight of 43,700 kg. The normal weight for the full set of wear resistant parts, when produced from standard 500 & 400 HB, water quenched steel is 2,691kg. The weight of the full set of wear resistant parts supplied by Abraservice and produced primarily from Creusabro 8000, with a small number manufactured in Creusabro 4800, was 2,153kg giving a weight saving of 538kg as well as the additional advantages of the higher resistance grade steel.

As Creusabro 4800 and 8000 offer a higher level of wear resistance than standard 400 and 500 HB water quenched steel, the saved weight of 538kg comes from the production of wear resistant parts with a thinner cross section, as the same component thickness is not required as that of less wear resistant steel grades.

This weight saving also equates to 300 litres of additional volume handled with each bucket shot, improving the efficiency of the equipment significantly. By considering the work cycle of the bucket in use whereby the bucket loading-unloading is once every 30 seconds and assuming a minimum machine availability of 90% for working hours during the day (23 hours operational, with 1 hour for maintenance) for 21 hours, this provides a production gain of 756 m3 per day or 23,000 m3 per month.

In this application the use of Creusabro 8000 for the production of wear resistant production parts is an important contributing factor to the improvement of the overall use, wear life and efficiency of the Liebherr hydraulic shovel.

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