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AXSON Technologies expands production by investing in China and India

AXSON Technologies, specialising in the formulation and manufacture of epoxy and polyurethane resins, is opening a new production plant in China for the dielectrics and wind turbine market moving closer to PSA, Nissan, Valeo and Schneider. "This new plant will see us triple and even quadruple our production compared to our facilities already in Shanghai. We are also hoping to open a new site in India by end 2011," explains Lionel Puget, CEO of AXSON Technologies.

This opening is part of the company’s international development strategy launched in 1994 when the company was acquired through an LBO. With six R&D centres throughout the world, six production units in France, Slovakia, Mexico, the United States, Japan, China and soon India complemented by a network of subsidiaries and exclusive distributors in over thirty countries, AXSON Technologies has invested in the world’s industries for 15 years and is today present on every continent. "No industrial customer should be further than 500km from an AXSON unit. With around 300 people in our group, we have successfully positioned ourselves throughout the world and generate around 80% of sales in export with exponential growth on the Asian markets," he adds.

"The first concern for companies establishing an overseas presence is consistent product quality," underlines Lionel Puget. AXSON Technologies assists customers on an international level managing their technology transfers. "We are developing our resins in close cooperation with customers to meet their requirements in Europe, the US and Japan and we then adapt the formula locally on our production site. As an example, our structure means we can develop products in Europe then transfer them to Asia for production using the country’s raw material resources," he continues.

IEE is an electronic component manufacturer and encapsulates car seat sensors and with AXSON Technologies, it enjoyed a successful product transfer. "Resin quality is essential for equipment safety, security and protection," says Stéphane Le Guellec, Head of Electrical and Electronic Encapsulation Products. The resins were developed by AXSON Technologies R&D pilot centre in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, France, working closely with IEE’s parent company in Luxembourg. The formulations were then adapted for China by AXSON Technologies and transferred to the customer’s production site.

"Industrial companies want to count on their supplier’s reactivity in terms of time, cost and tailored solutions," concludes Lionel Puget. They are also very interested in the concept of a sole provider.

Whether in Mulhouse (France), Kosice (Slovakia), Wuhan (China), Pune (India) or Monterrey (Mexico), AXSON Technologies is the unique provider committed to great customer service.

AXSON Technologies began by proving its capabilities and expertise in the aeronautical and automotive industries. The recognised constraints of these markets allowed the company to diversify its expertise, developing customised solutions for other industrial sectors such as wind turbines, high speed travel, sailing and healthcar.

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