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B.P.I. films launch pallet consultancy service

Do you know what your annual spend is on packaging and what proportion of this goes on pallet stretch wrap products. Perhaps you feel that you did well on price when you last bought pallet stretch wrap but can you truly say you understand how much it costs to wrap a pallet? If you do know the true cost per pallet when it comes to stretch wrap products then you are probably in the minority.

bpi.films, the UK's leading manufacturer of stretch wrap products, has on many occasions helped manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies to understand the cost per pallet of this necessary (but little thought about) product. Many have been surprised to find that the good deal they thought they had was not quite the case.

At first glance it may appear that you are getting the same thing when buying hand reels but you may be buying a hand reel which is much shorter in length than some products available and this can be hard to judge with the naked eye.

Companies should also consider their wrapping cost per pallet. An average pallet should use approximately 200 grams of film; any more and customers should re-consider their choice of film. Alex Begley, Sales Director at bpi.films comments: “It is easy to continue using the same film for years, but a clear way of testing its value is the cost per pallet. A common misconception is that the thickest film is the strongest and will better protect goods. However, developments in the industry mean that 14 micron films can be as strong as a 17 or 20 micron film. Many companies would benefit from using a thinner, higher performing film. As well as providing cost savings this will mean less film for disposal helping companies to comply with Packaging Waste Regulations.”

Bpi.films has successfully helped many companies to reduce their transit packaging costs in recent years and have now launched a consultancy service available to any company enabling them to benefit from a complete stretch wrap audit. The audit process includes a review of film choice and application processes with the objectives being an increase in wrapping efficiency and a reduction in wrapping costs.

This free service is open to all – not just bpi's customers. Alex continues: We have decided to launch our own consultancy service, aimed at improving film usage to ensure buyers receive good value for money and reduce where possible the amount of film used whether this is though better wrapping processes or by taking advantage of the newer lighter weight products available today.

For more information on how you can benefit from the bpi.films' new consultancy service, please email audit@bpifilm.com.

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