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Baoli launches new forklifts KB30D and KB35D with 3.0 and 3.5 ton load capacity into the European market

Baoli Material Handling Europe has improved the reliability and operation of its forklift trucks. After the launch of its new electric truck earlier this year, Baoli now introduces the KB30D and KB35D forklifts with upgraded Mitsubishi S4S-455 diesel engine into the European market. Key elements of improvement compared to the previous model are better visibility for the operator, more robust materials, enhanced safety and European style structured painting.

Distinctive features of the new Baoli models are the downward sloped counterweights and the pyramid design of the rear overhead guard enhancing the rear view. Thanks to the angular counterweight of the KB30/35D the operator is able to see the ground 40cm closer than driving the previous model. Upward and forward visibility is enhanced by the new design of the overhead guard cover and the mast with a wider view of 51cm.

The KB30/35D diesel forklift is the first Baoli model with structured painted counterweight instead of smooth painting. This structured painting avoids dazzle effects in strong sunlight. Accidents can thus be reduced and the safety for the operator is increased.

For enhanced robustness the engine hood of the KB30/35D forklift is made of iron. The fiberglass of the previous model is replaced by metal, because it is not easy to be deformed and in this way increases service life. Crest foam is fitted inside the engine hood, which improves heat insulation and reduces noise. The counterweight has a larger space for heat expulsion thereby improving operating efficiency.

The engine hood can be opened to an angle of 90 degree ensuring comfortable access for maintenance.

"Users of practical and reliable forklifts are also expecting safety for the operator as well as protecting for the load. Therefore the development team of Baoli is working continuously to improve the safety and reliability of its forklifts while keeping them practical“, says Rory Harvey-Kelly, General Manager of Baoli Material Handling Europe. “The new diesel Baoli forklift brings several new aspects such as an upgraded transmission and an additional handle at the reverse overhead guard for more comfortable and safer operation. Easy maintenance remains a key element for all Baoli forklifts.”

Spare parts for the KB30/35D are available for the European Baoli distributors via the Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC). This online tool started at the beginning of 2014 providing information about parts numbers and pricing as well as the opportunity to order the parts quickly and easily. Baoli is constantly updating the EPC in order to ensure maximum parts knowledge and facilitate the ordering process for current as well as new Baoli forklifts.

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