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Barloworld Handling extends its forklift truck tyre range

Barloworld Handling has extended its industrial tyre range to help customers reduce costs associated with running forklift trucks and other types of materials handling equipment. The company now offers a comprehensive selection of compounds suitable for different application environments from low cost ‘budgets’ to premium long life solutions.

Choosing the right tyre for the application can significantly reduce running costs and improve safety says Ian Kelly, National Aftermarket Sales Manager at Barloworld. "Tyres are a forklift truck’s only form of suspension and have a critical effect on performance and safety. By specifying the right tyre and regularly checking tyre condition, companies can reduce fuel costs, reduce damage to the truck and reduce the risk of accidents."

Barloworld has recently added the Solideal brand to its range of industrial tyres, which also includes compounds from Michelin and Continental. This extended offering means customers have a wider choice to meet their application needs and budget. However, choosing the right tyre can be a complex decision and this is where Barloworld’s tyre specialists can help.

"Our specialist tyre fitters are well trained and will complete a free site survey before recommending a solution," continues Ian Kelly. "The true cost will depend on a number of factors including the durability of the tyre and effect on fuel efficiency, not just the upfront cost of the tyre. It’s important to get it right and some of our customers have saved thousands of pounds a year by switching to a different compound."

Barloworld’s tyre range now extends across solid tyres (resilient or press on band), pneumatic tyres (air filled), warehouse tyres, polyurethane press-on bands and wheel rebonding. Pneumatic forklift tyres help absorb bumps and vibrations found on rough terrain, providing increased comfort to the driver as well as reducing the risk of damage to the forklift and load. Solid forklift tyres are better suited to indoor applications or where there is a high risk of tyre damage and puncture. Their construction offers reduced maintenance and low rolling efficiency on smooth surfaces.

Certain tread compounds can maximise traction in cold store environments or be non-marking for use in operations that require extremely high levels of hygiene, such as food or chemical manufacturing operations. Anti-static tyre compounds are specified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres to prevent static ignition and other compounds help reduce excessive heat build up which can make tyres slippery.

To ensure forklift tyres are regularly monitored and replaced at the optimum time, Barloworld offers planned tyre inspections where a qualified fitter will visit the site to check on the condition of tyres and provide a detailed report. "If tyres are not replaced at the right time they will lose their ability to dissipate water and heat, leading to a loss of traction, braking and steering capacity," Ian Kelly points out.

Barloworld’s tyre fitting vans are equipped with a modern tyre press and other equipment to enable fast, efficient tyre replacement helping to reduce downtime. Professionally trained and knowledgeable fitters check the condition of tyres and provide advice for all types, makes and sizes of equipment from warehouse trucks through to heavy capacity forklift trucks used in ports and heavy industry.

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