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Barrier method will save thousands of pounds in damaged loads

Cotswolds-based Jayline Products has introduced a low-cost solution to the common and often costly problem of damage caused to palletised loads by the forks of forklift trucks.

Made in the UK from heavy duty moulded rubber, Jayline’s Patented load protectors have been designed to fit to the rear face of a forklift truck’s forks and absorb the impact of an incoming load. Quite simply, the Jayline protectors provide a cushioned barrier between the load and the back of the forks. As the pallet is picked up, the protector prevents the load from hitting the truck’s forks or the fork carriage with sufficient force to cause damage to the load.

In industries where fragile or easily damaged goods are being handled the potential cost savings are huge and the return on investment is virtually instant.

Available in a choice of sizes to fit 4" (105mm), 5" (130mm), 6" (160mm) and 8" (200mm) forks, the protectors are suitable for use with a wide rage of materials handling equipment, including counterbalanced and warehouse trucks.

The load protectors are quickly fitted using a simple yet robust strapping system and their slim profile means that a fork truck’s load handling capacity is not compromised by their use.

Peter Kimberley, sales and marketing director of Jayline Products, comments: "Apart from the cost involved, load damage is a source of conflict between suppliers and their customers. By neatly and cost effectively addressing the problems associated with load damage, these products have the potential to save users thousands of pounds."

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